two weeks into 12/12 light cycle

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  1. these pics were taken today of my 16 plant 400 watt setup. I am using HPS right now in my flowering stage. I removed about eight in all hermies and males. Made quick hash with em. Tell me what you think. I have a tent coming in and also a air cooler/Humidifier coming in as well. My temp stays between 75-85 and my humidity without the air cooler unit it around 35%. I barely focus much on it rigght now. I am only using bloom nuites, A few soda cans for Co2 and I used banana strips to help sex. I actually grew them I personally think way long and should of put them in flower about month half ago but hey first grow. The last picture I believe is a pic of my entire closet. It is old, I have long removed the tin foil completely. I am soon to set up another 400 watt system. I have in another room 10 plants long ready for flower. I topped them and left them at 18+/- inches. But anyway thanks for reading guys.


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  2. My neck hurts LOL.
    They look further into flowering than 2 week, good job.
  3. theyre looking good, let us know how that comes out!
  4. these are all of em

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  5. i am not quite as far along as you but i have a 400 hps. you say you have 16 plants going under it? im just wondering if that seems to be efficient as i am trying to figure out how many i get get going under my 400

  6. as many that can fit under and get light. That's not many when your plants grow up.

    I'd say 6 plants for 1 x 400watt hos

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