Two weekends in a row.....

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Stash Box 13, Jul 8, 2012.

  1. So last weekend I dropped my phone in the lake never even thought to go after it. Now last night I dropped my pinchy in the lake and was in the lake looking for it with my hands and feet, after about 15 minutes I found it under the dock.

    I went back to the campground cleaned it and smoked up I thought I was gonna be stuck here with mj and no utensils. I found out where my priorities are lol pain relief>phone
  2. ....interesting.
  3. lakes are pretty fuckin creepy.
  4. Creepy only cause it was night time when all the carp and cat fish are in the shallows and I can't see what I am feeling. I do all this for my 3$ pinch.
  5. That's some dedication
  6. that sounds like some stupid shit.
  7. Shit dude, you didn't get your phone? The batteries in that are for sure going to cause some minor polution but fuck it :bongin: Hit the bong and live long :confused_2:
  8. There are worse things then a phone that people throw in the lake on purpose.
  9. Whats a pinch??

  10. My thoughts exactly. Thought it mighta been weed but he dropped it in a lake so Idk how it could be weed..maybe that's what the piece is called?
  11. pinchy=onehitter
  12. Carve a new one? Make one out of fruit/vegetables?
  13. Shitty man! At least you got your piece back though.

    Lol just last weekend I was with some buddies on a lake fishing in a small tin boat. I had my Iphone plugged into the docking station. We started to drive to another spot so I positioned myself on the bench but doing so I heard a "plop". I looked in the water to the left and I see my phone being dragged along like 1/2 a foot under the water from the AUX cable! I was just about ready to jump off the slow moving boat to grab it, but my buddy reached over the side and scooped it up because it was alot closer to him. I was worried if I tried to reel it in with the aux cable it would come loose and start its 40ft descent. At the same time if we weren't moving it would have dropped straight down right away and would have probably broke loose too. I am very lucky :) using it right now!
  14. Lucky for sure dude and yeah one hitter

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