Two Week Old Seedling Sick, Need Help

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  1. Hi

    Two weeks ago I've started germinating three cannabis seeds from SensiSeeds, my first growth ever. They all germinted quite nice and fast, once the roots were 1cm I've burried them in the soil 3mm deep. Several days later there were amazing results, extremely fast increase in height and the first real leaves were showing, soon followed by a second set of leaves. Whilst the second set of leaves were developping I could notice the first set of leaves (the first two) both losing greenness and becoming slightly yellow, I did my research and decided it was due Nitrogen deficiency although I wasn't sure. The soil was universal potting soil with an NPK rating of 14-16-18 specially made for seedlings. The next the day the leaves became more yellow, I decided it was time to fertilize , buy some liquid nitrogen fertlizer (7-3-5) which also had all the trace elements. I did like the instruction said, 20ml each 2500ml and I watered the plants. 
    Now the next day, the yellowness is still increasing on all three plants.
    What do you think? Should I just wait or should I do something else? (BTW: I am not 100% sure its Nitrogen Deficiency)
    Extra technical information;
    -3 Plants under 125w blue 6500K CFL with reflector..
    -12 days since germination.
    -A lot of ventilation (three mini computer fans).
    -Temperature always between 75F-85F with an average of 80F.
    -Seeds: Femenised Early Skunk Sensi Seeds.
    -Humidity always between 35-70 with an average of 40.
    -18h CFL lights, 6h full dark.
    -Watering throughly till some drops out from bottom every 2,5day's. (I think I sometimes slightly overwater them, not much)
    -Water I give them is controlled bottled water with a pH of 6.8
    -Anythingelse you need to know? Pictures are below.
    P.S: Sorry for my english , I am from Sweden


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  2. Might be a lock out of the nutrients. Might be to strong for the seedling. The leaves that pop out of the seed provides most of nutrients starting off. JMO.
  3. Not possible since I gave them the fertilizer AFTER the sign of yellowing
  4. so maybe the soil already has too many nutes for a weak seedling.  you don't need much for the first couple weeks, the seed contains its own nutrients
      I use old dirt from prior grows, has all its nutrients stripped and the seeds do great.  I never give them nutes, and transplant into a 2 gal bag of good soil once I get 3 or 4 sets of fan leaves.
    I'm guessing the soil burned them, and then you contributed even more with the adding of nutes.
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  5. How compact is that soil and it does look a little wet. Could be over watering. Everything else seems on point IMO.

  6. I use old dirt from prior grows, has all its nutrients stripped and the seeds do great. I never give them nutes, and transplant into a 2 gal bag of good soil once I get 3 or 4 sets of fan leaves.
    If you don't have dirt from a previous grow, how do you suggest starting a seedling off?

  7. potting soil is for already established plants going into bigger pots, it's too rich for seeds and baby clones etc.  they actually sell seed starter soil, but otherwise you could just go dig up some topsoil from around any trees/etc that aren't having mulch added.
    the topsoil is usually bare since after all the rain, the nutrients dissolve and soak down to where they're absorbed by the roots.  So any top soil that's been there a while is good for seeds
    I make my soil mix with 30% perlite or so, these plants love the aeration, they hate being rootbound
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  8. Thanks for the info. That's actually how I did my grow (dirt from outside). Thought I was just being getto lol.

  9. 18h light 6h dark isnt good for seedling you should do 16h light 8h dark because you want it to think its summer not fall or else it will start flowering to early. Might want to change that. If it thinks its fall itll think its time to flower so that might be hurting it. Other than that dont water it a lot and like others said dont give it so many nutrients :) good luck growing OP :)
  10. this makes no sense, anything over 14 or so should keep it in veg, more light is better.  so 18h light is more certain veg than 16h, altho both will be fine
    also, a seedling will not flower for at least a month or two, it's not sexually mature yet
    so many inaccuracies, be more careful giving out information you don't know is true.
  11. Oh shit i have that all mixed around youre right man. Sorry im so blazed right now i dont even know haha :bonging:
  12. mortain, nute burn is yellowing starting at the tips/outside of the leaf
    when nutes are too high, you especially don't want to add more
    now you know... but learn to listen to the plant.  It will tell you it needs water because the soil is dry and the leaves aren't perking up.  Or it will tell you it needs magnesium from yellowing ribs from the inside of the leaf out.
    over time you will learn to give the plant only what it needs, and in turn it will reward you with healthy structure and potent medicine
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