Two Universes

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by g0pher, Sep 26, 2007.

  1. There exists an Objective universe, untainted by human perception, consisting only of substance.
    We draw our perceptions from this universe and with these perceptions you create the universe you exist in.

    This universe is the Subjective universe; it can be referred to as a series of conscious states. This group of experiences forms the self. The Objective universe could be referred to as a hypothesis drawn from them.

    What perceives the Objective universe is Reason. Reason is the only form separate from the objective world. Separate from Feeling, Intuition and Instinct.

    It is reason that binds the subjective world together. It is reason that tints perceptions into opinions.
  2. ergo why we must value logic and reason.
  3. Good post, but self-awareness, not reason. Reason understands, analyses and values. Self-awareness has no sense of other, nor as you say, feeling, intuition or instict. It's just aware of itself as an objective entity, an awareness of the reality of being. All thoughts and reasoning take place within our sense of reality, it comes first.


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