Two tent tirade Double down baby

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  1. Washington but close enough :p
    You bet, that's the truth.
  3. Yeah I get that but that is extream yellowing for week 4....
  4. Yea, the yellowing towards the end is def natural like they were saying but you shouldnt see it until you start to decline feed/flush. Especially if you grow with salts(bottled nutes). I usually will see peoples plants on bottles yellow out dramatically after they've stopped feed.  
    What media did you use from jump street, and what did you put in it(powders/amendments/etc)?
    Its the strain. My bubliciouse went yellow right after 12/12 and the buds and light green and frosty. I am flowering 6 strains and every one of them is different.
  6. Pro Mix #4 no amendments added
  7. Yeah these yellow more hard core then any other strain I've ever grown
  8. Three weeks to go!!

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  9. Hey everyone any ideas on whats wrong with my veg plants?

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