Two Strains!!?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by afganman1, May 10, 2010.

  1. White Russian Serious Seeds, New. Afgan Kush, grown three times. Same system same nutes, everything is right down the line perfect so don't ask me. Hydro by the way. Why is the Russian that has few leaves turning the bottom 3rd of the fans yellow half way through flower? The AK is great and like I said in the same system. AK is busy in comparison but the WR is not supposed to have many leaves to begin with. The buds and bud leaves look fine but I am at a lose as to why there is so much yellowing of the lower areas??? This is not anything hard to figure in as much as it is not a diesease. The leaves look like normal end of flower N loss but nothing more and they have been gettin bloom ratios listed from GH nutes so have enough N. And no I will not post a pic so you can see a yellow leaf. It is not spotted, it is not curled it is LIKE I SAID. So go with my info and see if you can give an answer please... Sorry but I hate asking a good question just to have some ask have to have more info like what kind of light are you using or if you have bugs or if you have to much p and no n or if the sky might have fallen on them. I gave the info and I know the way to grow so you know.... Would not ask such an odd question otherwise......

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