Two strains one room when to flower?

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  1. Hey guys not an experienced grower here although my roommate is. I want to do two strains in one room (4x4x7) Super Lemon Haze, and White Widow based on the fact that their flower time is similar. Is this possible, if so at what point should I flower them to maximize my space? I want to use 5 gallon buckets, but if I flower to late they may grow too much, I need 18 inches from the light 1000w hps so I will assume 2 feet is out of the picture for height based on that and maybe another foot for the pots, so the plants can only get 4 feet tall, probably more if I don't fill the buckets all the way. Which will grow taller and at what height should I flower them? Thanks for any input.
  2. FYI bro, those babies are gonna reach for the sky, so you are gonna wanna start to flower when they are about 1ft tall. You'll be suprised, they still might hit the 5ft mark.
  3. Hmm, maybe I'll have to flower earlier than expected see what happens learn from it and plan on the next grow? Would 10 inches be too soon to flower?
  4. Either way, they arent going to exactly start flowering as soon as you switch the lights. They still have to fully mature before they will bud, but the earlier you switch the lights to 12/12 the faster it will force the plants to mature, and the sooner they will start to flower.

    Right now I'm growing a sativa plant and I started 12/12 when she was about 28days from sprout and about 10in tall. It took another 3 weeks before she actually showed sex, and with multiple topping, cropping, and LST she is still 4.5ft and trying to grow into the light.
  5. I would veg for 4 weeks then flip the lights. Once you have flipped the lights start LST and ScrOGing them. Are you doing soil or hydro? With hydro you could use 3.5 gallon buckets get some more height and use a res.

    I think vegging them for a month is really worth it gets them nice and healthy so they can explode with growth in the flowering stage and with training you should be able to keep them far enough under the 1000w
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    I was going to use soil because its a first grow for me and my roommates first indoor grow, will 3 1/2 gallon be enough? I wasn't sure about sea of green because I will only have 10 seeds I was gonna do SOG when I take clones for the next grow. My roommate's experience is with outdoor greens, so headies indoors is still newish. I'll definitely look into training them and will switch to 3 1/2 gallon pots hopefully they won't get root-bound too short. Pretty excited that I now know what strains I'm growing.
  7. Any way to keep them shorter without making them more bushy? Just thinking with bushier plants I would have light issues even with reflective walls.
  8. I'd check with soil growers to see if 3 galls is enough but I'm pretty sure the standard for a indoor soil grow is party cup->1 Gal pot->3 Gal Pot and for hydro 5 gallon bucket is pretty standard.

    Check out my grow in my sig. It's my first grow and its a hydro grow, spent a good bit probably more than I should have lol and you could probably get away with spending a lot less.

    Personally I think its all preference. Hydro seemed easier to me. Fill water, keep pH and PPM stable. No worries of rootbinding or fucking with soil, if they start to burn you just flush it with new water. I dunno seemed easier and everything I read was that people were getting better bud with hydro, granted if you like soil and werent comfortable with hydro the bud isnt so much better or anything that people switch. It's all preference. Don't believe people that say hydro is harder. DWC is the shit especially doing a small 2 plant grow like I am. Trust me, bubble buckets rock.
  9. Not if you are using a 1000w HPS. How many plants are you planning on?
  10. I'd like to do 8. I'm ordering 10 feminized seeds. I plan on giving away two of the weaker ones to a friend. Set up in a 3 2 3 column. Would splitting them once or twice keep them short enough but not to bushy? Indoors is new and with outdoors height was never an issue just the north east weather.
  11. You are gonna want em bushy I would think. Honestly here's are two ways I would handle the situation if I was in your shoes.

    Grow two of each to start. Veg for 4 weeks. LST one of each strain leaving the other untrained. Over the grow learn what your girls want. How tall were they at the end of flower from a 4 week veg? Do you need/want more veg time or less? Then pick of the two plants from each strain which had the traits you most liked? Keep it as a mom. Then on the second grow I'd use one of the clones off the mom then 3 other seeds. Adapt grow as necessary. Pick of all 4 plants which is your favorite and bam then hit the ground growing the shit of out it.

    Grow four of each. Veg for 2 weeks after they sprout from their seeds successfully. LST half, see how it does. Then adapt from there.
  12. Nice I think I will try that one of each test run, I assume with the size allotted I'm going to have to rotate them throughout the grow but a practice run seems like the best route.

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