Two seeds in one pot, who's going to take over?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Soxasora, Jun 21, 2017.

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    So, I planted a Royal Dwarf Auto on the 15th of this month and a Northern Light Auto on the 19th because i hadn't any other pot.
    I read on internet that they might die or only one of them so i'm a little afraid of the consequences of my choice.
    The actual state of the pot is this:
    So what's happening? NL was planted 4 days after the RD and she's a lot taller than her. She's going to kill RD or they will live together in peace? Whatever, still prefer the NL, I hope that she wins if they can't live together.
  2. pots does not cost anything man.
  3. lol i know i know. I don't have so much free time and I was in a hurry.
  4. Chop the one on the left

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  5. Do you mean really *REALLY* chop?
    I thought that NL was going to kill her.
    However, what happens if I don't chop her?
  6. The left one looks kinda weak and the leaves are yellowish..the one on the right looks nice and healthy. To me anyway. If it was me I'd would try n save em both!!
  7. try to transplant one of them into another container
  8. I would do that but the roots are already tangled..
    However, i would do anything to save NL, should i chop RD?
  9. if it's too late to extract, I would leave them be and let both grow in the same container. If I recall correctly, someone on here grew like 8 plants in the same container or something crazy like that; I'll have to look for the thread.
  10. That's a good news!
  11. Yeah, just let em grow and see what happens!! I will star following along because I'm excited to see what happens!! My 3...not sure what sex yet on any...all bag seeds. The smaller one is jet Fuel. The two larger are either Northern lights white widow or Golden goat.

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  12. love them!
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  13. Now this is funny haha
    (left Royal Dwarf auto, right Northern Light auto)
    I just think that RD is never going to grow anymore..

    btw, I have a theory: the RD can grow 50-90 cm meanwhile the NL can grow up to 160cm, maybe RD is still alive but only small..

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  15. You could also bend the RD and train it to grow so the NL has all the room!! Actually starting to be a cool project!!
  16. strange update:
    my cat just killed RD! He took RD out of the pot and bring it to me. wtf.
    however, now there’s only NL in the pot :(
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  17. Well damn!! Least it was the RD!! Well...still keep us posted on the progress!!
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  18. daaamn someone a few weeks ago had their cat attack a plant too. RIP

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  19. No there's only her
    However, she's really tall :p
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  20. Id kill that cat
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