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Two Red Lines But I Am Going To Fail?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by thedoobieboy, May 28, 2013.

  1. Ok ill make this quick as possible. I had to take two drug tests today. Both follow the SAMSAH (or however you spell it guidelines with the 50 ng/ml cut off) So i passed the first test (second piss of the day) and on the second one I thought i passed as i saw the cup with my own two eyes and saw the two red lines (it was an e screen, with the ecup if that helps anyone) But when i went to check my results it said it was a non negative and was being sent off to the lab for testing. If anyone could help me out here that would be great. My heart is in pieces right now. thanks guys. 

    whens the last time you got laid? Dont answer the question, i, or anyone else doesnt need to see it. I just want you to give the mirror to yourself. And also i want you to think about how good looking she was to. Or do you settle? Are you upset with your life because you settle and hate your job? And once again, what college did you go to? And once again, I, nor anyone else wants answers to these questions... Just mirror yourself
  3. Now, now, kids no fighting in grasscity, you gotta get out of city limits if you wanna do that.
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    pretty obvious who started. You dont need to bash them both just the troll.

    I personally liked Doobie Bros response. He put that troll in place.

    But at the same time Doobie, you asked this question earlier and people answered. Did you not get the answer you were looking for? If not, I am sorry but we can not tell you something that will magically make your problems disappear. You failed the drug test, that's that. If you just explain to them your situation thats the best bet. Or you'll just have to retest if the results are inconclusive.  But either way, no sense in asking it twice. No one can give you a different answer. It is what it is. 
    EDIT: Sorry, I thought your name was Doobie Bros, I looked at it quickly.
  5. Lol this guy.

    Also, OP, what are the chances you have two drug tests for two different jobs on the same day?
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    Not even funny bro, reported and i hope you get IP banned. 
    HUR HUR, go to 4chan with that noise bro. 
    Step 1. Leave GC
    Step 2. Turn off computer
    Step 3. Go to bed its past your bedtime
    Step 4. ?????
    Step 5. Profit 
    Telling someone to suicide as a joke? Real funny. 
    I remember when i was 12......   (I am 12 and what is this?) 
  7. I always forget to report trolls, thanks for reminding me!
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    Lol yup, you got it. I'm raging over here. Just threw my labtop, hit my dog, broke my phone.

    I'm so angry at this troll!
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