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    1. If you could live the rest of your life high, NEVER being able to turn sober again. Would you?

    2.If you could be reborn, as an infant. With the same family, but your memories erased, would you? (You will also go back in time to when you were born)

    My answers:

    I miss childhood:(

    I am actually completely sober right now, and I thought of these sober. I always think of random weird shit.:hello: I have a million other questions running through my head, but I'll just leave you guys with these two.
  2. 1. No
    2. Definitely

    Amen to missing childhood.
  3. 1. if you're high all the time its the new sober. so yuou'd just be retarded, which would make you so uselss.
    2. yes, but it would be better if i remembered everything i do now, then i could roll fat j's when i'm 6
  4. 1. No the high is meant for sometimes to change perception. All the time would be normal so no, like stated above.

    2. I would say yes but still my brain so I could still smoke copious amounts of dank weed all day proper at 7. But that wouldn't be good. And then I'd probably lose my mind. Oh woe is me.

    EDIT: What is this shit? Who Wrote this?
  5. Yeah, dude I think of my childhood constantly and I have random memories of things from it. I think of just being in my front yard at my house in new britan, or playing Nintendo in my basement. I think I am missing something in my life. I go to school, and do work, get good grades. But I feel like there's something missing in my life. Maybe it's my dad? Me and him used to talk all the time, we still do but it's usually just "Hi" or small talk like that. Me and him used to play frisbee in the yard of my old house and read my bedtime stories as a child. Who knows I'm gonna try to have a stronger relationship with him, and maybe my mom too. My mom's cool but we we're never really tight like me and my dad. Sorry for flooding with random thoughts I felt like I needed to vent my feelings over a public internet forum.:)
  6. 1. no
    2. no

    My favorite part about my childhood was the other people who were in it... and the cartoons. Without those people and the old kickass cartoons it would be gay.
  7. Oh it's chill on the internets because we reminisce too use that part of our brain like that. Have a funky fresh day. :D Interntetsszs
  8. I meant like go back in time and restart. Sorry I'll edit it.
  9. The only thing I miss about childhood is the ignorance and the lack of responsibility. I think that's what everyone misses about their childhood.

    Growing up sucks. :)

    It does have it's perks though.
  10. You hit the nail on the head man.:)
  11. no on 1.. but oh man definetly yes on 2
  12. i'd stay high all the time
    stay where i am in life though
  13. No for the first question. And for the second, this may have happened to you, but since your memory is erased you don't remember. You could be living your life for a second time and wouldn't even know it.
  14. Yeah I was thinking of that after I posted it.
  15. 1. No
    2. Without a doubt
  16. 1. No
    2. No

    Why relive my childhood? yeah it was fun, but im not old enough to not like where im at right now
  17. 1. no, because it would be just like being sober only you'd be impaired.

    2. yes, I would love to restart my life, and hopefully make different choices. I'd prefer to have some memories though, like "drugs fucked up your life, don't do them again and you'll live a much happier life"
  18. A definite NO to both questions.
  19. 1. No
    2. No

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