Two Questions.

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  1. Currently all my job money is spent on rent etc..

    Anyways, my first question is how much weed gets produced on an average cycle and size of a decent crop?

    Secondly, i am broke for extra things right now but with $200 could i build a min growroom thats good enough to grow 2 average plants??
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    Anyways, look around here, there are some brilliant ideas, and DIY guides...check the stickies, they're full of magic ;)

    Good luck man

  3. Thanks for the info :)
  4. Check out my thread for a detailed shopping list of some of the things you will need and some other useful info.

    Also you can start a grow with that much money using just CFLs or t5s but there will be nothing avg about it, yields with floros are generally pretty shit.

    Under HID you can assume about 1 gram per watt once you know what you are doing and about .5 grams per watt until then.
  5. I beg to differ!

    Altough, obviously HID will produce the best result, there is nothinf SHIT about CFLs and T5s...just check out some of the grow journals and you will find some very good CFL grows :smoke:
  6. Thank you! I bookmarked your tutorial :)

    Thanks for the counter-opinion =D

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