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Two Questions??

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ITNinja, Jan 18, 2010.

  1. Hey guys, Just bought my first vaporizer. DIGITAL VAPORIZER ELECTRIC HERBAL CERAMIC VAPORIZER: Everything Else

    It gets here in a few days. I hope that is a decent first one to have, I know its not like a good brand name like volcano, I wanted Da Buddha, But I am poor as hell.

    Anyway, I see alot of people saying that Vapes are a "Cleaner" High. What exactly does cleaner mean, Like....More sativa....ish? I am usually pretty understanding of lingo ive never used, But this one is driving me nuts lol......What might a dirty high feel like?

    Also, I like to control how high I am mostly as I am a user that enjoys going to work and being active while high, If I get to high, I dont have a shot in hell of doing anything that day, Being this way normally I pack snaps into my bowl until I feel at an enjoyable level for that day. Could I easily control with a vape the same way? Usually I base my high off of how much smoke I blow out, And that generally does it for me. But I hear with a vape you dont really get much smoke, And you can get like 10 hits off the same small bowl or something....? Is that true, That would destroy my ability to gauge my high.

    Anyone, Thanks for reading, I tend to write like Copernicus when im high......hopefully some of you get that haha.
  2. with vapes its a bit more energetic and not as dirty as smoking. like comparing a sheesha to a cigar.
  3. So essentially like a dirty high would be something like being couchlocked or something?
  4. Obviously for everyone it will be a bit different. I'm high right now at work, and i feel the euphoric effects and a little tired. I can be at home take a few hits out of my vapor genie and be stuck on the sofa lol

  5. no, a vape does not affect the type of high, more the taste/content of the smoke. with a vape, you are not inhaling burning plant material, you're just getting the vaporized thc oil found in the trichomes of the bud. For people who use vapes, they experience a less burnt, minimal contaminant containing smoke.

    the smoke is cleaner because, there isn't as much stuff in the smoke. that's what makes it cleaner. You will feel the cleanliness in your lungs more than in your high.

    have fun with the new vape.
  6. Just take baby steps with it till you figure out how high you want to be. I take 2 to 4 vape hits and I'm good for the night. Also takes awhile for it to kick in all the way.

  7. eh, the high definitely is different. A clean high is really the best way to describe it. I don't feel groggy, don't get red eyes, and can think coherently while vaped up. It's a really great body high and everything just seems "awesome" for lack of a better word.

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