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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by DJ420Chillin, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. 1) I received 10 feminized white widow seeds and 9 of them sprouted. I have them in party cups with holes in the bottom. Will one 4ft T5 light be ok for them for the next few weeks until my other plant under the HPS is done with the flowering cycle???

    2) I am kind of nervous about having these plants in my house in case I get caught. How many plants are considered a felony or how does that work?? I am giving a few of them to a friend cause I dont want 9 at once.

    Thanks guys.
  2. having ANY is a felony...
  3. depends on where you live.. in Mendocino Ca it's 25 plants and 2 pounds of processed weed! I think it's time for you to move! ehehehe.. I wouldn't worry about 9 though dude... if you get caught where it's illegal to grow they are going to be mad anyhow.. no worse so for a few more plants... seriously..

    And ya.. they'll be fine under that flouro... But the sooner they can veg under that 400 the bigger, better, heavier they'll be... ya know? Maybe when you move them under it don't flower them right away.. veg them for a week or two... ya know...

    You'll be alright bro, just don't tell a bunch of people yer growing.. and show noone...
  4. in my state, 28+ grams is a felony, although youll probably catch a break on that if its your first offence
  5. i would at least get 2 of those 4ft t5's to start with but you are gonna need much more light soon tho!!
  6. i keep my 9 vegging under 4 t5s:smoke:
  7. I dont want to do the whole vegging phase under T5's. I only want to get my seedlings started and keep them growing until the 9 weeks of flowering have passed on my other plant and then I will veg them another month or two under the 400 watt HPS before switching to 12/12. I'll probably buy one more T5 and keep all 9 under the 2 4 foot T5s until 9 weeks from now. That should be enough light while they are small. Anyone else have an opinion on this?? Thanks.

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