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  1. Ok so i just went to my lhs and i looked at to think. The first is the stash can. It looked just like a red bull can. Do they let smell out? Do they actually fool anyone? The other is a looked at a mflb, now i have never used one. How do they work? Easy to use? Any other portable that's better. Its 119. I have look at the vape pen and like them, is there any that can do bud that are better than the mflb? I will only use it on the go. Thanks guys (and gals;)
  2. the stash cans only hide the smell if your skunk isn't skunk... they are just a place to hide your stash in plain sight. Personally, never used one or even thought about it, but my buddy keeps one in his car. You would never guess it isn't a 'sunkist'

    the mflb questions are ones you should have asked while you were there :smoking:
  3. The stash cans don't do great if you have BOMB weed, only things that are really useful for concealing smell are mason jars, specially made jars for the purpose, tightvacs (which break easy) and smelly proof bags (which only work to an extent).

    As for the MFLB... Well it depends on a few things. How much do you have to spend? How often do you smoke?

    It's great for what it is and for the price, definitely the best vape for the price, but that being said it's still not great. You have to grind bud basically into a powder to fully vape it otherwise you'll end up with green spots in your ABV, and it takes FOREVER to vape a small amount with it. If you only smoke a few times a week it'll do fine and get you stoned off nothing, but if you're a daily smoker it'll very quickly lose it's novelty and you'll want a better vape.
  4. Ok thanks. They had some tightvacs. So they are ok? And i smoke only a few times a week.

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