Two questions.. Space and soil.

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    So, just out of curiosity..

    On a set up such as displayed below, would one be able to grow 2 small plants in there? LST and SCRoG like crazy.

    Also, that stuff is pure dirt and cow crap.. It feels thick, will the plant be able to flourish in there?

    So for a non auto strain, i would have to start it at 24/0 untill desired height and then 12/12?

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  2. lookes lik 100% cow crap lol

    but seriously that soil looks thick and terrible to try and grow in, im not a proffesional but i wouldnt try to grow in that

    and the space looks good for one plant, again im not a professional im a beginner too so thats just my 2cent

  3. Lol, it does..

    I need to mix it with some pete moss.

    Space wise.. i guess ill just go with auto instead of bagseed

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