Two Questions: Education and Course Hero

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    Right, so my two questions.
    1)How come there isn't a section devoted to education/school, and things of such nature. Seems like a popular topic every now and then. Just thought that'd be interesting. Ranging from discussing courses, to degrees, to even helping out with problems. I would totally answer Calculus and Chemistry questions on my spare time. 
    (If such a place does exist though, then why can I not find it? Is it because I'm high? -Probably that. I probably shouldn't smoke when I have things to do, but hey, it's Friday).
    2)Does anyone have a Course Hero account?
    Doing things the honest way is a drag and studying is time consuming. With Super Bowl Sunday coming up, and two exams following on Monday/Tuesday, I just can't get my priorities straight. I found the exact, exact documents I need to do my work on Course Hero, but damn...that shit is expensive. From $40-$100 to register? I would totally dish out a smaller fee to someone through paypal if I could just temporarily use the service. [Actually, not even for the account, just to upload the document anywhere on the internet].
    Maybe I wouldn't be considering it as much if I hadn't noticed that document contains literally everything I would need. 
    Let me know if I'm out of line here. I read the rules twice to make sure I wasn't stepping on any boundaries here by asking about this educational service.
    I saw "Discussion of illegal activities such as software and music piracy and other intellectual property violations." But obviously it isn't piracy, as it would just be sharing an account like Netflix with another, we'll call it, friend. 
    "Hook-up requests and offers." Hook-up crossed my mind, but that clearly means in the context of marijuana dealing. 


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