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    Thanks for reading in advance. I have two plants that I've been keeping an eye on and just cant find the most accurate cause despite all the searches and reading I've done.One plant is just growing slow/small, leaves usually hanging low and i just cant seem to make it really perk up. Bottom leaves look a bit N toxic so i haven't fed it in two weeks. And last feeding was 1/8 diluted recommended amount.The other has small white patches on the first true leaves. Doesn't look like mold or nothing like that, kind of reminds me of a pest problem but theres no bugs anywhere, I've thoroughly looked.I'm hoping someone can help give some ideas because I cant narrow it down enough.What type of medium; soil What brand and type of soil? Young :peat moss, vermiculite mix with dolomite lime. Older organic MG potting soil/perlite mix with dolo lime.Indoors or outdoors? IndoorWhat strain? Two diff bag seedsHow old are the plants? One is 6 weeks, other 1 weekWhat type of lights and how many watts? 26w cfls and 40w floros t8 all 6500kHow far from the lights? 6"What is your watering frequency and source of water? Tap water thats sat for days ph 7 and less than once a week.What, how much and when was it fed? NPK? Only 6w old a 24-8-16 diluted 1/8 to 1/4 every other watering and i flush when not feedingWhat is the medium/runoff pH and PPM if in hydro? Soil but runoff between 6-6.5What are the temps and humidity in the room? Temp 70-78 humidity 40-60%What size pots? Older 5 gallon, younger 1 gallonAny bugs? Look real close. None and positive.Any other pertinent info? I dont foliar spray, all plants average 3000 lumen/sqft. Older plant had problems with nutes lockout from acidic soil mostly leaving N-K def and had spider mites when it was my only plant but i got rid of them and havent seen them in weeks. All was fixed at that time.Pics in next postEdit: just noticed this was double posted. Sorry about that the app was saying it couldnt post but apparently did. Apparently more then double ugh. If a mod could please delete them that'd be great. Done using the app for starting threads after that.
  2. Heres the 6 week old 1386114085843.jpg 1386114094546.jpg 1386114105597.jpg Heres the same plant at 3 weeks so you can see its progression 1386114145639.jpg Ive been thinking about flipping it to harvest just to see what happens but trying to stay hopeful.And this is the 1 week plant 1386114186258.jpg 1386114193719.jpg 1386114203406.jpg Sorry for the crappy pics and if i left anything out in the first post.
  3. the combination of bagseed and MG soil is probably the cause.. plus you gave them more nutes on top of that.
    you can try flushing, but with that MG soil and those fert balls you may do even more harm.
    i'd pull them and get them into a better mix.
  4. Working on getting better soil, but its only the one plant thats in that crap. The younger one is in good soil for a seedling and cant figure out the white spotting, best i can find is bugs but i know theres no bugs.Ty for help on the one plant.
  5. Oh i tried flushing it and thats after the flush. I think the bottom leaves do look like some nitrogen toxicity (yellowish and clawing) should i just prune those leaves?
  6. Ok the older one is looking better all of a sudden, i didnt change or do anything and all the leaves except the main bottom ones are raising up. Growth became noticeable throughout the day also so im gonna just let her tell me whats up. Still dont know whats up with the white spots on the other, they arent getting any bigger/smaller and no more are popping up. Guessing i may have just been worrying too much??

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