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  1. Alright so my mother plant i'm going to flower out is started with yellow leaves up top. I ruled out light bleaching since the left side of the plant is pretty far from the light. Any cola above the screen turmed yellow. Today it started with what i think to be a mg defeciency. I had just fed it twice at half strength with about 30% runoff in soilless. When thr yellowing subsided is when this new problem started.
    image.jpg image.jpg

    This is the one thats been giving me the most trouble. The leaves started doing some funky stuff so i hecked the ph and it was at 7.5 obviously too high so i flushed it with water ph'd at 6.0 and it took it to about 6.8. When i feed it again tomorrow it should gondown further but i want ti figure out what it's problem is because even taking the ph down almost a whole point didn't do much.
    image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg

    I know neither one is terribly bad but i want to flower soon and i don't want to flip until they are really happy. I should add to the second set of pics that i've noticed the growth being slowed down compared to the other plant. For a while it was the other way around.
  2. See how pale the leaves are but the veins are still green ...? thats (Mg) def. for sure, add 2 tablespoons of Epsom salts per gallon and flush again, and wait 3-4 days ...they should recover fast....depending on what state you may consider cal/mag

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  3. I think that low MG is a possibility, but I lean more towards saying that it is low N.  However vostok is right about cal-mag, not only will it balance the ph of your other NPK nutient solution, but the sweet taste is really something to be desired.

    I would give it some extra N and some Cal-Mag and see what happens, assuming of course you aren't already feeding a good amount of N.  Keep us posted.
  4. I know it's not nitrogen. It's starting at the top of the plant and staying there.its probably mg like you guys said so i'll flush with some epsom salts. They really only look like that under hid. Under a cfl you can't even tell. I still want it fixed though. Ph is slowly going down on the other plant so it should be alright here in a few days.
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    @[member="SupaaBaked"], I'm going to step out on a limb here and agree to disagree with the other members. I believe your issue is K deficit. When Mg is present in the substrate, even at 7.5 it's not locked out nor is nutrient uptake of Mg even slipping. The only way Mg could be deficient is if the nutrient wasn't available at all, in other words, no Mg supplied by the Op. Now, K deficit seems inevitable when ph is allowed at 6.0 and greater in soil-less. K becomes available around the 6.7 range once again which is too high for a mix that's soil-less. K usually gets locked out with high salinity and effects start with the older foliage. Just my two cents.
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  6. The plant with the high ph is the second set of pics. The ph is just over 6 on the first set of pics. Isn't potassium a macro nutrient? I always though macro started at the bottom or middle and works its way throughout where as micro nutrient problems start at the top which is the only affected area.
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    P & K deficit and Zn (deficit) work almost simultaneous with high salinity, with Zn effecting the top of the plant mostly. I now believe your issue is all three with K and Zn as overriding P.
  8. So a flush should be in order? I planned on flushing it with water ph'd at 6.8-7 tomorrow. Should i not add epsom salts? I think it would make it worse. I've fed it twice in a row at half strength because i've been trying to fix the problem. I don't ever feed three times in a row or they get burned. The other plant (with the high ph) i fed 2 days ago and it still looks about the same as it did before but i didn't double feed it's always been alternated every other watering.
  9. You may not understand? Soil-less should be phed at 5.6/5.8 You are soil-less, correct? Or am I wrong? Which?
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  10. If your in soil, your yellow tops will be Fe deficit and Zn.
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  11. I'm in soilless. I always thought it was supposed to be just above 6. I can definitely fix it.
  12. Try to correct to 5.8 and see how they do. May be a little daunting at first but continue to drop the root-zone for correction. Once you flush you should throw a few rusty nails into the top couple inches of medium or apply chelated Fe and Zn. Miracle Gro Cactus 2/7/7/ and Miracle Gro African Violet 7/7/7 both have chelated micros in Fe and Zn, a cheap quick fix.

  13. I have jungle juice micro, grow and bloom so i don't want to go buy anything in particular. These bottles will last me this grow and i'm pretty sure my girl got me a quart of bud candy for christmas. I would do rusty nails but i know me all to well and im 110% sure that would lead to a tetanus shot lol. I could find some rust at work, scrape it of, bag it up and topdrese with it though. I can't hurt myself that way . If my micro nutes cover it i don't want to go through the trouble. I could feed a little heavier. They are two months old and when the light some on it will be the first day of 12/12 under hps and i'm still feeding half strength. I'll get the ph sorted out first. I need to pick up a couple more soil test caps. It got so high because i've used the same mix for 3 grows with 8.5 water.
  14. If it weren't for the peats acidity i probably wouldn't have plants.
  15. Hang in there, Bud, and get those girls up to snuff since you have already flipped. Both nutrients are micros. Check your bottles and see if they include Fe and Zn at 0.05%/0.08% respectively. Your plants don't need much, so if you can get your ph sorted the issue will vanish probably.
  16. Iron is .1 and zinc is .015. Ii there a general rule of thumb for dropping ph in soilless? I'm not going to give it any nutrients because it got fed twice in a row. If i had to guess my ph would be at 6.5 so where would i ph my water to get it to go to 5.8?
  17. Thanks for sticking this through with me dude i needed the help. After i looked more into it and saw mg ph uptake range i ruled that out and thought it was a Fe problem but i thought it was a few things, i'm glad i got it narrowed down now.
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    Some will say to not take the ph all the way down to where it really needs to be, but in my experiments I find that's not the case. I have extensively challenged the girls to show me their deficits. If you'll notice in the charts, the only nutrients available to your plants are N, Mg and Sulfur, and of course you pick back up K at around 6.7 ph, so, your plants are missing out on uptake of vital elements that are depleted, your harvest will be hijacked unless this issue is addressed immediately. Once you become more experienced (it'll take years, I banged it all out in less than a year so I could learn) in noticing the deficits, and particularly nailing down ph levels, these issues will be history.
    I'd ph my source water down to 5 and flush, bring the root-zone ph level to 5.6, and then add one half strength flowering nutes.
    All the best.
    Your welcome, I know I'd seen you here before, don't remember if I offered you advice on your last grow, but I seen you were here, no?
  20. Thanks man so i just take the ph 1.5 lower than i want it and it should drop it .8-1.0?

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