Two plants growing side by side

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  1. First time grower , and I have a seed that just sprouted , but next to it there’s also another smaller one too , Not sure what to do whether I transplant or just kill it , any help is appreciated greatly thanks guys
  2. Are they both female? I would honestly pull up in the smallest one
  3. Honestly I don’t know , I’m a newbie when it comes to growing and the seeds I used were seeds that were in the mix with some shitty bud I got , Alright thanks , you think there’s any chance I could transplant?
  4. Sitting here laughing...
    That 'just sort of happened'?
    I wish that would 'just happen' to me!
    molly's right, but don't pull; snip.
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  5. Definitely a weird ass situation lmao , thanks for the help guys. Listened to what molly said and pulled it before I saw the others , is that cool or you think it’ll cause a prob?
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  6. You’ll be fine.
    Keep us posted :love-mj2:
  7. It's all good.; let's wait and see, now.
  8. I see molly's on top of it....
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  9. You stay right here smokey
  10. Awesome I’m glad to hear , will do Plant is looking good lots of growth so far just in a 1-2 day span
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  11. Sweet I’m glad to hear it’s gonna be good , will keep ya guys posted thanks for the help I appreciate it , a lot of growth in 1-2 days so far so everything is looking good
  12. upload_2019-7-21_9-45-42.jpeg
    This is how it’s looking right now , does it look good , or might it have some problems?

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