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  1. I placed two orders for seeds from the Doc and the Attitude. Both of these orders were placed around January 15. I bought money orders for both of them, enclosed and addressed them properly along with a description of my order. I am 100% sure that I put the correct addresses on both and even the correct postage. I emailed both when I had not received a confirmation email within 2 weeks. My emails have all been promptly returned, but I'm having a hard time believing that neither one of them reached completely different addresses. What should I do? I'm not sure if it would be too much to ask for a discount on the next order, which I will definitely do with a prepaid credit card. For those interested, I ordered Mandala Seeds' Satori and Kiwiseeds' 2 Pounder. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  2. do you live in the u.s? maybe they got found on there way to their destination!
  3. Hed get a letter from customs.

    I would be sending cash or money orders, too many reports of ripoffs.
  4. I think he's sayin that his money never got to the seedbank, not that he didn't get his seeds. I've never used the Attitude, but I have purchased from the Doc. I use a Visa gift card and have not had any problems. You can never tell with overseas mail. Maybe another week or so and your letter might still arrive. Not much else you can do but wait and hope for the best. Wish ya luck :)
  5. First thing you do is a trace on the money orders to see if they were cashed.If they were cashed then by who?If not then you place a claim for lost money order.
    Its that easy.
  6. sometimes international mail can take up to a month....theres really no guarntee that it will get there,and if it will even get many hands its going thru if someone see's the cash chances are it will be grabbed...just think of all the countries its gotta go thru before it finally does reach you...just be patient...figure 2-3 weeks for them to get your money order,1 week for them to ship...another possible 2-3 weeks waiting for your goods
  7. Im from the US and sent the cash priortiy mail w fedex insured. got to attitude in 6 days and had my beans 6 days later. 12 days not too shabby
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    with attitude what shipping service did you choose i ordered satori also plus 5 free g13 super skunks with a debit and got them in 6 days plus a free tshirt
  9. Thanks everyone for helpin me on this. I feel like an idiot because I lost the money order stubs, oh well. I guess all I can do now is keep my fingers crossed that they'll get there. In the mean time I'm thinkin bout placing an order for some GHS King's Kush and Mandala's Hashberry. This time I'm definitely gonna use the visa gift card. I'll be growing any seeds I order outdoors under the sweet southern sun. So ya'll stop on by when I get em going.

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