Two new tubes

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  1. Was feeling implusive and decided to go pick some new toys up this week from my lhs.

    For myself, I got a nice syn mini stemless showerhead; and for my girl, I got her a 16inch Sheldon Black straight tube with a worked alek k showerhead downstem. They also threw in 2 Sheldon Black shot glasses. $400 for the lot. :smoke:

    Sorry for the shitty camera phone pic, Ill get some better ones up today.

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  2. nice glass...I'm glad my wife doesn't smoke though...I spend enough on me.
  3. Im just too nice, and like buying her nice shit.

    And some more pics.

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  4. nicee..i have a syn full sized showerhead, i also have a matching ac but never use it coz it adds too much drag for me. that alex k is awesome.
    SB is a great starter tube IMO.

    yeah I'm too nice too, my wife just has expensive tastes and if she smoked I'd be broke haha
  5. looks nice

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