Two more months! Ideas?

Discussion in 'General' started by LUDOVIC SFUMATO, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. I got two more months until uncle sam hops off my dick! IE probation.

    I can't wait it was daily/heavy smoker to 5 months sober so far, what should I do when I finally return.

    So far i've lined up a nice bong to buy and bought a box of rolling papers and I think the day I get off i'm going to do a smoke-a-thon and then BBQ.... drooling as we speak :(

  2. Im going on 8 months, finishing up soon. Im liking the BBQ idea, to bad it aint summer.
  3. ^ Nice congrats man I got a year but my early termination is at six months, I live in Florida so during the day even in late january it is never too cold.

  4. Thats awesome, are you by the beach?
  5. Yes sir, fifteen minute drive
  6. shrooms, weed, bars
    hell of a night maaan

  7. Cool, ive only been down there in the summer but ive heard in like Miami the water aint even cold in the winter months

  8. i'll pass on the bars, but the rest would be a trip to remember lolol

    @rollin for the most part the water does stay real warm
  9. just about 4 months into my year of probation, with probably no chance of getting off early, last time i got off tho, i did the same thing as you, i had a bong ready and all, my friends and i smoked and had a hot wing eating competition =)
  10. nice idea, how bout edibles and an animated movie watching marathon :3
  11. @dano its the only way to go I can't think of a better return: weed, friends, soul food lol!!

    @exodus that doesnt sound bad at all

  12. haha hell yea dude, first time i made some firecrackers (that actually worked xD) I finally got around to watching both up and toy story 3.

    both absolutely amazing while stoned :).

    and awesome avatar dude
  13. yea thing about edible is, make sure you have a scale and a way to grind it up (grinder works, or the shot glass and scissor thing works).

    dont guess on amounts guess you most likely won't make it right then

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