Two months old no growing?????

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Maryjanethang, Jun 24, 2017.

  1. Ok im a very laid back patient person ive had three grows now. Never ever had this problem...i am a reader so been lookin for weeks. I am not sure of the strain of plant it is either just a sativa or lemon type,however unsure as i just threw it in there.i know my soil , light and water contents ect. What is going on i k ow what to do i just dont know what the hell is happening here...anyone????

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  2. I suggest you germinate a new seed..

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  3. Well genius i figure that i just hate throwing away ya know is just loosing water leaves has two sawblades and started second true leaves but stuck i have others just wonder if there was anything to explain what happened here like scientifically like botany style...
  4. Asks for advice then is an asshole

    Fuck new GC members
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  5. That things 2 months old? Lol

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  6. Right lol i d wtf n im very smart so is offensive to ask for help n b treated like an idiot...before i give up i just wondered whaat happened as i have cillege degree in herbaceous plants and never seen happen before..i thought ide get an educated guess as it fs with my emotions seeeee so any educated guesses as to why this happens as several people seem to be stunned with this occcurance
  7. Gd phones fuck it i just unsub fuckin clearly idiots anyways n ive actually met growers in dispensaries so jokes on yall
  8. Seriously, how old are you?
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  9. Bad soil, over watered, penny poisoning?

    Let's see these other plants
  10. cillege degree eh

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  11. two of the plants I have now grow a little bigger then that in 6 wks. but my problem was I just had them in a window and kept them to wet. don't think thats ur problem u seem to no better but just thought id drop my 2 cents. my plants look ok now tho. u can check them out its named advise for beginner( bit of journal)
  12. You just can't make this stuff up.
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  13. Not being funny but start over and read up on proper growing mediums.

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  14. The larger the container of soil, the longer it's going to take a brand new baby seedling to build a root system (the first thing any plant does when introduced to soil). It takes days and days for the plant to build a root system when it's that small and you start it out in that much soil. Also....until you start to see new growth put on at a good clip, it will use little water and you see little growth above soil level. There is nothing you can do but wait. Adding water is only going to cause root rot and no baby plant needs nutrients of any kind. The only thing I know to speed things up is to put stronger lighting over it. Light is the control mechanism with these plants and with the indoor grow, the better grade and wattage of lighting you have per cycle, the faster the growth and larger the plant. The fastest way to get through the seedling stage is start it out in a small container....Solo cups work great, and then repot once it's outgrown the cup into a 1 gallon, etc. But if you're using auto seeds, supposedly they don't like to be repotted and people start them in the container they plan to finish them in. I don't know about autos and have no desire to learn. From what I've read they are very easily stressed and some other stuff too. I want to control the plant....not the plant's genetics driving the car. MJ is such a naturally fast cycling plant to start with, not real sure why people want to speed it up more. Seems to me like you'll just limit your harvest. But to each his own. LOL I'm sure there must be some value in them because they're popular as heck right now. I'll stick with my photo strains though. Good luck. TWW
  15. First off you are extremely conceited. But if you were as smart as you claim you are. You wouldve scrapped this plant and started a new one by now. Stop being an asshole to someone that offered you the best advice you are going to get.
  16. OP appears to be a dumbass who claims to have a degree that should easily give him the common sense knowledge to know how to grow a plant

    But I don't believe him because he can't spell shit... can't even spell his alleged degree

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  17. If he had such a degree he would know if he didnt use such horrible "soil" maybe something would grow in it
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  18. He literally has a penny in his soil :lmafoe: Mmmmm those metallic terps
  19. Well a such sophisticated subject as OP clearly has a reason... you see by putting penny's in the soil you give you plants a nice supply of trace minerals that are in the pennies... and I'm just bullshiting OP's Facebook page probably says degree in (growing loud)
    Graduated from: The Streets....
  20. I've met musicians but it doesn't make me a fucking musician

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