Two months after throwing seeds in some pots, sprout appear.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by gonzo5187, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. Now I would be a complete beginner to growing, but about a month or two ago i threw a bunch of seeds in some pots and in the ground in my backyard just to see how they would do with regular watering(they're near other plants so they get watered).

    Originally I had a few sprouts from some shwag seeds, but then proceeded to pull them out. About a week ago I was walking around my backyard and noticed some new sprouts in a pot that had previously hosted a sprout. It looked very similar to the original sprout. If it is a plant at all, it is a shwag plant so i really don't care too much at all about it.

    Now on the same day I was just observing all the plants in my yard when I noticed one in particular with very spiny leaves that looked like no other plant around it. Upon more thinking through my memory, I remember actually planting a chronic seed in this plants approximate location. And here is a pic of that.


    And a close up of the top leaves


    And the surrounding plants


    So what do you guys think? Are either of these the beginning of a plant?
  2. thats not marijuana, sorry
  3. Nope its 100% not weed. sorry
  4. Thanks for the input, i really didn't think the "chronic" plant was, but i figured the "shwag" one was because i had a similar looking plant growing in the same pot, but that's all i need.
  5. none of that is weed dude. 0%
  6. ya the sprout doesn't even look like mj
  7. It´s weed, not weed !!!
  8. my plants sprounted the 2nd day, im sure it doesnt take weeks
  9. that sir, is not cannabis.
  10. that last pic at the bottom almost looks like a mint plant But no weed has leafs that look like that! Sorry buddy better luck next time!
  11. LOL 100% not weed...

    more like weeds...

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