two monthes, no package. Anyone else?

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  1. heh, i remember the shit storm going on for the Cyber monday sale. Where people were upset that they didnt get their packages in two weeks.

    I remember being the person attempting to be calm and rational, explaining that its not GC's fault, and you have to be patient, and blah bblah blah

    Well. Yeah, Never did get my smell checker.

    This is still not GC's fault.

    But some compensation would be nice. I used to order from here with a sound mind. But I cant say that anymore, since there is no customer service that cares whether or not you get your package. Nor anyone person to provide you with at least an answer to what happened. Or anyone to even be aware if there's a problem at all.

    I guess everything was fine, UNTIL I got fucked over. I mean, I actually have to be the one that tries to find out what happened to my package?

    Well I am. And its annoying. Im currently waiting for a response from GC just to find out if they themselves are ever made aware of the fact that an item has been seized by customs.
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    I'm sorry to hear you haven't received your package yet. :(

    When customs has actually seized a package, the recipient is usually sent a letter stating as such.

    If you haven't heard from customs yet the package could either still be on its way, or it could have been lost in the mail.

    It's frustrating, but GC really has no control over the post or how long items take to reach their destinations, but you seem to be understanding of that :) In my experience mail from GC has always been very prompt (I didn't place a holiday order however), but I know that's not always the case for everyone.

    In any case I hope you get your item/s and that your worries can be put behind you, good luck :)
  3. Im mostly doing this for karma's sake

    cause I always imagine, someone bitchign and moaning about not getting something, and just to spite the person. karma has them receive it the next day.

    But Im not sure if you can actively control karma and irony in such a fashion =(
  4. This place is bad,edit is way better,way better customer services,plus they ACTUALLY know whats going on,it took fucking 3 months to get my incredibowl straightened out,i will NEVER order from here AGAIN.
  5. Im in the same boat guys. Ordered TWO bongs that shipped out december 8th and havent heard from them since.
  6. This place charges 25 for their shipping LMAO. When I realized that I was like really??? That's fucking 1/4 of my purchase.
  7. honestly the grasscity shop sucks mad ass. like its probably one of the worst on the internet. all they have is shit ass china blown glass. and that one top of shipping, fucking ridiculous. i ordered from here once back when i was a noob toker. granted the grinder I got is absolutely amazing but it was way more of a hassle then anything else.

    the incredibly high shipping is also a reason i did not take place in the cyber monday sale. thank god I didn't either. not much savings when all that is being deducted is shipping.
  8. Same shit. I'm so mad I dropped 75 on a bong and 25 on shipping on this site when I was a noob. Could have gotten a way nicer piece from etsy or something. I love how GC is so worried about people linking other sites or their "competitors" it's because GC doesn't compete even with a site that has private blowers selling their stuff.
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    Its been 2 months and my bro hasn't gotten his package, he spent 200$ to get free shipping and they dont actually help you at all. They still havnt fixed his forum account after 3 weeks of emailing them, probably to stop him from posting about this.
    Its a bummer
  10. I'm in the same boat, and I'm a repeat customer (there are actually some nice deals on here after you sift through the crap). Ordered dec 1st and never received the shipment. Will not be ordering here again. Something really sketchy is going on with this site
  11. We want our glass! Or just refund us already! I've had $200 tied up with nothing to show for it for 9 weeks and 1 day!
  12. They'll "give" your money back if by that you mean give you half your moneh back and you have to get something from the store then,yes
  13. The last order we had taken by customs sat for a month in customs before we got a letter from them on it. But waiting 2 months is a very long time. We got shippments from germany and there woulld take 21 to 27 days tops by boat.
  14. I got mine 38 days from the day I ordered. I was starting to get worried about it then i just decided itd be best to stop wating for it and let it go.

    Then i got my package.
  15. I was planning on getting a few things from GC but after reading about all the trouble and inconvenience, I don't intend on dropping any bucks here.
  16. My package shipped on January 7th. I decided to patiently wait for it but this kindof sucks. I wasn't really TOO worried until I saw that some people have been waiting 2+ months, which is absolutely nuts.

    I also definitely think that NOT alerting us of the temporary US shipping rule anywhere on the site or in the checkout process was deliberately done so we didn't decide not to order, at least not until later. Bad business decision on their part, the lack of warning their customers followed by failure to respond to their inquiries (inquiries caused by the companies neglect to inform us of something important!) has obviously been very damaging to their reputation. I know for one I definitely want my shipping cost refunded, at the least.

    The rule itself isn't their fault, but they are responsible for the way they've handled it thus far.
  17. same thing for me, im waiting for 52 days ordered december 22nd still waiting
  18. the only thing I have ever ordered from grasscity, took two months to get to me. I emailed customer service, and they promise a free gift to compensate. package arrives (of course very late) and no free gift unless they count bubble wrap. Then the item I ordered broke a week later. :mad:
  19. lolll, but im still sure it gonna arrive
  20. that wasnt really my intent of this thread. Im just annoyed they didnt help me with the bullshit my own country did to me.

    nothing happened here is in the relm of control of GC.

    I am fully aware of that.

    My own govt fucked me.

    I've ordered in the past from GC on several occasions and its always gone flawlessly.

    Always got my packages within 2 weeks.

    And I will order in the future as well. since the boat shipment restriction has been lifted again.

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