Two Lighters and a candle

Discussion in 'General' started by cheebaa, Apr 5, 2006.

  1. HAHA this is funny sounding already, OK I just had the most complicated smoke ever. I have two lighters one of which is out of fluid but sparks and the other that has fluid but no spark (it broke). SO what I had to do was use the two lighters (hold down the gas on one and spark with the other) to light my candle. Then to smoke a bowl I would just have to hold the gas and use the candle rather than two lighters. I kept fucking up, I grabbed the one with no spark and kept trying to light it---then I would grab the spark one with no fluid. It was a confusing thing until the bowl was nice and cherry.
  2. ive actually been in your exact position and did the same exact thing to smoke.
  3. Sounds like an experience.. haha.

  4. When I was doing it I was like "man....this would be easier if I wasn't high...." then I was like "o yea....thats the point"
  5. haha funny shit +rep
  6. Yea ive been there many a time also
  7. if i get real desperate with no lighter, i'll go dig up that long barbeque Bic lighter used to light the grill. I've never been to the point where I had to make due with 2 disfunctional lighters and a candle. But good job, man. :)
  8. I had to use matches one time, and I fucking hated it. Is that how they smoked before lighters?
  9. lol one time i had no lighter so i jacked the one we use to light our fire(which is gas)

    it was insane the thing to light it it around 2 feet long lol

    but to the starter of the thread,nice improvising man
  10. If i had to...... I'd light my house on fire just to smoke some good pot. :smoke:
  11. haha. i'd personally fuck that and just roll up a J or a blunt so you dont need to keep recherrying it

  12. you would assume so :p
  13. Well maybe people had heat vision beack then
  14. done the same thing many atime

  15. i concur...i already think bowls r too much of a hassle to keep lighting and u cant keep a bong cherried very well w/o wasting a lot of smoke so i just roll Js
  16. i've had to do that...fuckin sucks ass with a bowl...a few weeks ago i went to burn with this kid and he busts out some matches "lighters take away from the weed taste maaaaaan" shit sucked
  17. I was in a situation like that but I did something different. I just vaped.:smoke:
  18. been there. i got so pissed ( iwas also quite drunk) and drove down to the corner store and they were out of fucking lighters. i ended up buying a pack of cigs (i dont smoke cigs) to get the book of matches the guy wouldnt give me unless i bought a pack. and they were also out of rolling papers.

    so heres me drunk and stoned trying to smoke a bowl that wouldnt cherry up with a book of cardboard matches. mny friend told me it looked fucking hillarious. i went through the entire book smoking that 1 bowl of headie.

    what we stoners do to get our fix lol

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