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  1. So about a week ago, there was a huge storm in this part of the world. So my boyfriend, neighbor and I holed up with a crock and an assortment of smoking implements. A few hours later, we're completely baked. The air in the apartment is... hazy.

    And the doorbell rings.

    Uh-oh. One of the few paranoias of our group is the doorbell. Those who hang regugularly know to just knock and try the knob. Most of the rest of our peers will just knock, leaving doorbells the realm of cops and parents.

    It was, luckily, the latter. Our neighbor goes outside to stall them. Boy and I scramble to find air spray, to cover the smell. We sort of fail. I have a wicked case of the giggles, so I just beeline for the bathroom, to hide out until they leave.

    They try to coax me out of the bathroom, but I claim i'm sick. I know i'm completely unconvincing. Even after they left, I stayed there for a good half an hour. I was so embarassed.

    I've not been smoking long, so this was the first time i'd had to deal with any sort of authority figure while high. I handled it so badly.

    THe next day, they took my neighbor shopping, and told him to tell me they won't tattle.

    But still... I've known these people for years, since long before I smoked... and now... I am just so embarassed! i never want to see them again!


    story two:

    Day before yesterday, boy and I go grocery shopping, after spending the afternoon smoking. Word of advice: never go buy food with the munchies. We came out with milk, bread, doughnuts, two kinds of ice cream, six kinds of brownie mix, and frozen pizzas.

    I'm pretty sure the cashier knew we were stoned. She tried to short me change twice. I should have gotten $10 back, but first she didn't give me any, then gave me a five. I was a bit pissed off.
  2. About story one: HAHAHAHAHAHA! I remember the first time my mom ever visited me in my own place. I had a couple of plants growing in a pot in the back yard. Since she already knew I smoked (she'd found my stash a couple of times in high school), I decided to push the envelope with her... I brought the plants inside to show her how beautiful they were, never mentioning what type of plants they were. Slightly stunned, she replied, "Oh, those are nice!" She knew...

    About story two: Good that you learned that lesson (no grocery shopping when stoned) early on in your smoking career. It'll save lots of money in the long run.
  3. i remember me and some friends spent 20 dollars on candy from a movie store when we were high lol.....i bet there glad we smoke :)
  4. :laughing: quickdryink, I don't think those are lame at all! I can understand your embarrassment, but I don't think your friends are going to hold it against you in a bad way. I'm sure they will rib you about it from time to time but it really is humorous. I hope you can laugh at it in the very near future. Remember, you are not alone, even the most professional stoners slip up.

    I've been smoking daily for over two years (not a professional) and I do embarrassing shit too, but it really isn't an embarrassing thing if you think about it - it's a stonerism. If we all made sense 100% of the time while stoned, it wouldn't be so fun.

    And the giggles RULE! Here's to you and your friends rekindling that cherry. :smoke:

    edit: ooh yeah... I don't like to go to the grocery store while high for a totally different reason. I have that "everyone is looking at me" syndrome. I just can't seem to shake it, so it makes for a miserable/paranoid time.
  5. sounds intense man
  6. exactly, i get the same thing, its like even the employees were there waiting for me to come in and watch what im doing. i get so paranoid if i lock eyes with anyone when im really stoned in a place that i dont frequent often. sucks.
  7. This is too true. I've been smoking for about two years now and about a month ago I was driving my brother back to Burlington and we were smoking a bowl. There's this part of the interstate where a two lane highway is right next to it. There wasn't much traffic that night, but a car started coming the opposite direction on my right. I backed off the gas as a reaction then realized they were on a completely different road. It scared the shit out of me for a second.

  8. I work at a movie theatre and have to sell food the majority of the time. You guys have no idea how many times I see people (adults and kids) stoned off their ass with bloodshot eyes buying the whole menu. I always hook them up with cheaper prices and sometimes free food just cuz they are apart of the family. I love it when the stoned kids are like I want nachos... wait...POPCORN.... shittt I want both actually and a DRINK!

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