Two hits off a blunt??

Discussion in 'General' started by Special Ed, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. Wassup guys and gals, i got a question for yall. i recently (well this past feb.) stopped smoking weed. i havent smoked since about feb. i have to take 2 drug test a week for some court bs. one one monday and one on thursdays. the question is if i took 2 tokes off a blunt or bowl or whatever on thursday will it show up on monday. not going to be an everytime thing just once. my tolerance is gonna be so low anyways. i just want to make sure ill be strait...if not i wont burn
  2. don't take the chance.
  3. Trust me don't take the chance even though I can get clean in 3 days along with some friends there is no point in it at all you will then pass the test then push the envelope more and more and eventually fail and then shit will really hit the fan trust me I found out i was a month away from getting off probation (entire time i smoked) and i got caught cause of a random screening and now i've been back on for 4 months but have been clean cause man it's really not worth it.

    and if you do decide to smoke, the sauna is your best friend go on a run then hit up the sauna
  4. yea good thinkn i wont
  5. Wait so you are asking if a drug test will pick up on you doing drugs 4 days prior?

    Are you just kidding?
  6. I know a handful of people that get clean in 3-4 day's every week and haven't slipped like i did it's really not that all hard but when your life revolves around getting high for ONE day then going to the gym/sauna everyday just to make sure you pass you need to realize your life is out of control which is what happened to me when i failed and it was a wake up call i needed.
  7. LOL
    why would you even want to try man?
    fuck that, the extra time you'll get for failing isn't worth the little high you'll get from 2 tokes.:confused::confused::confused:
  8. yeah i dont think i'd take the chance
  9. Thats not what he said though. He never said "If I smoke and after which take those 'get clean drinks' run for 15 miles and sit in a suana for 5 hours." He simply asked if he smoked will it come on a drug test. Seems like the same as asking if I don't mow my lawn will the grass get taller?

  10. he still answered the question, just a more elaborate way of saying "yes".
  11. Yeah your right I guess I just hoped he would understand that it won't magically disappear and was explaining that even if he did it won't worth the risk cause he will eventually get caught and its not worth it.

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