Two Green Michael Jordans

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  1. Okay, so I heard about this party on an island in the Susquehanna river, pretty much the biggest party that exists in central PA. I really had no idea what I was getting myself into. I brought 100 bucks with me to blow on drugs, it cost me 15 bucks to get in. When I got across the river to the island via pontoon boat I walked what seemed like 15 minutes through a trail in the woods. All along the path there were wooden archways woven of the various trees and shrubbery available on the island, it made it seem as if I was going somewhere magical. Once I got to the opening, probably the size of a football field, I was given the lodown by the security team (two smokin hot chicks). The rules were 15 bucks to get in, and keep it discreet. That's it, and of course some trash policy but that goes without saying if you ask me.

    When I got there people were already rolling, its 2pm in the afternoon, the music is already blasting, you can hear it from everywhere on the island, even from across the island you could hear the faint bump of trance. About 3 hours after I got there and bought some weed to smoke, nothing fancy, but cheap for 15 a cut and it got the job done. I finally found some e pills, I purchased two green michael jordans for 15 a piece. I quickly ate them up and chewed em up about 5pm and waited for the onset.

    I waited, and waited, and waited. Rumors were going around about the pills being beat, looks like a number of people had tried the same thing I did and were getting nothing, this would be my first roll on E.

    8PM: SLAM DUNK!!!!!!! The night is falling, the music is bumping, and I'm coming up. FAST. I don't even know how to begin how to describe how I was feeling. Lets start with the noticeable trippy aspects. Alot of times I would be talking to people and out of the corner of my eye see someone running towards me and I'd look over right, and there'd be not a single fuckin person close to me over there, and then I'd look back to the person I was talking to and they would be gone!

    I was sitting in a tent with like 8 other people all in a circle, we were all just rolling our faces off. People would be flickering in and out of my sight, they'd be there a minute, then not be there the next, and then be there again. That might have been the mescaline or meth they were prolly cut with. Who knows.

    I had an enormous amount of energy, I was running around and talking to people, at one point I went back to the front gates and started welcoming people to paradise. I felt so happy, I don't know if I've ever been that euphoric even on LSD, and I thought my acid trip was good.

    At about 4am I was starting to come down, I was in my tent and alluva sudden the whole fuckin party was on lockdown. Apparently a search and rescue team showed up at the gates and was lookin for a kid named Chris. On the sunday paper I was lookin and it said some kid died trying to wade across the river back to Harrisburg. Fucking dumbass.

    We all had to go home early the next day, otherwise I'd still be at the party right now.

    That was amazing man.


    Oh shit I almost forgot to tell you about the nitrous baloons. I was talking to the guy selling the stuff, and it came up that I never tried it, so he hands me this tenchnologic contraption for culinary cooking with c02 cartriges, god knows what it was really for, but it was an excellent huffer. Anyways I take a puff.
    I had to take a step back.... He was rushing me hardcore like a true nitrous fiend so I hurried and took another puff and after that I can't really recall what happened for the next 5 minutes.... But it was hella good.

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