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  1. Two girls and one choice. I'm a lesbian, I've been out for years. I'm a bar femme. Which means I like hooking up and playing but I'm a femme. Kind of a rare breed now a days. Anyways I've got two girls on lock. And I'm actually taking a big step and settling down. But I have two options. I need you guys to help. The black and white picture is Kiara. She's amazing. And so damn good lookin. Those arms and abs. Damn. Or there is Melissa. Who is also a huge stoner. And as bad as this sounds. I don't think I'll be with either of them for a long time. I'm not saying I won't be but I just don't see it. Anyways. Thanks!! :) ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1389680525.312621.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1389680359.530505.jpg
  2. if i was a lesbian id go with the one in the black n white pic because she looks more like a guy.
  3. I would go with Kiara.  Those abs are hot!
  4. Im a dude but I'd say the stoner chick mellisa I've dated lots of girls like that always funSent from my XT1030 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  5. Mel is a bar lesbo too. I know her and I would end pretty tough if I fell for her...but she deals so that's a plus lol Kiara is going into the Marines in July.
  6. That's all on you. They're both hot but those abs damn!! Just decide which one you prefer to spend more time with and go from thereSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
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    Two girls.... one cup. 

    Well, maybe you should choose the stoner chick then.  It would suck for you to get really into the other one only to have her leave.
  9. No offense but that kiara girl is ugly as can be. But I'm a male.... soooo. Yeah, go for the stoner chick!
  10. I'd sleep with both :devious: but I'm horrible
  11. Threesomes are always a good option. But in all seriousness looks aren't everything, find the one you won't want to strangle after 3 days
  12. I legitimately thought Kiara was a man in drag at first.

    Yea go with with the stoner chick
  13. Wth is a bar lesbian? What does that even mean?

    Are you shallow and just looking to breed or are you looking for marriage material. I truly dont understand this generation and im from it. Appreciate your explanation, no sarcasm intended.
  14. I wonder if they'd be offended by you posting their pictures..
    I'd choose the one that's the most fun  :devious:
    How is she gonna breed? She's a lesbian? 
  16. I call fucking for no reason other than to fuck, breeding.

    No difference to me than my dogs in the front yard, hence the term breeding.

    Its my personal opinion, dont mean to offend. What do you call it?

    Im still confused on bar lesbian. Is that like a bar slut or something?
    I have no idea what it is.. Never heard of a "bar femme" before :/
    Tbh, I was just bored and you wrote something I could reply to.. Sorry :p
  18. So you posted her name and picture online and said she deals?? Smh.

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    Christ, I could never be gay. This fucking hierarchy of mutual genitalia appreciation that gay guys and girls have going where they name themselves after anything from animals to specific tiers of geographic sluttiness is beyond crazy. We all have a preference, but when I say my preference, I don't go "I'm a black internet possum"- I just say that I'm straight, and the most specific it ever gets is what race of woman I prefer. I'm not judging or bashing, I just find it funny. It's so complex, and I'm not even sure it has to be.
  20. Dont be sorry, it was an honest question. Take care.

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