Two Fbi Agents Involved In Arrest Of Boston Bombing Suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’S “Fall” Out Of Helicopter And Die

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    Nothing to see here move along 

  2. Operation Clean Up Loose Ends
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    How many people were "involved" in the arrest? 50? 100?
    And two, unrelated to the event, shot a confessed martial artist that was also a murderer.
    You feel the need to attempt a connection?  I think we need a bit more, even for the conspirist nuts. :smoke:
  4. Just relaying information. Its much easier to post two related news articles in one thread, then to create two threads. As for any conspiracy,  I report you decide. 
    Playing innocent?
    Why throw in the "Nothing to see here move along" ? :rolleyes:   :smoke:
  6. I'm weighing in on the side of caution,  :yummy:
  7. Ignorance > information for dem irrationally ignorant statists. amirite?  :smoke:
    No, not really, you just come across as one of the irrationally ignorant you are speaking of.  The idea that people who support the state prefer ignorance over information is within itself, irrationally ignorant. 
    How does he come across as "irrationally ignorant"? That statement is not, irrationally ignorant, it is something to consider, and once considered, you would perhaps see that there is viability in this idea.
  10. That members of the team of roughly 120 had members killed? Most of whom were not part of the bin laden raid? :rolleyes:
    All right how are the two in any way shape or manner connected other than being FBI agents? :smoke:
    I explained how in my post.  It's irrationally ignorant to stereotype someone as irrationally ignorant based upon the fact that they support the state.  It's pretty simple man. :rolleyes:
  12. The US military is always having problems with crashing helicopters and now lads falling out of them. The whole helicopter department needs to be shaken up.
  13. Way to black hawk down bro
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    Nice find, Mulder. Aliens behind this one? Government trying to silence anyone who knows the truth?
    The truth is out there...

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