Two Drug Violations in One Day

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    Ok guys I got some fucking bullshit that needs an online rant like no other.

    Backstory: Im a freshmen at CU. I live in the dorms (as every freshmen does). One might think, " CU there chill as fuck about pot, you got no worries." WRONG. If you look at my last pickup thread youll see the sweet skunk. This bud is so smelly like the smeelest ive ever had. And its causeing all these problems. LAST note I have NEVER smoked inside the room.

    Story: 2 nights ago im in my room with some friends, I had just got the half Oz of skunk. So were taking a few pics, looking it over, ect. And the RA's knock on the door. I see them and grab all the shit and throw it in my safe. Then I answer to:

    "The whole floor smells like weed, and its coming from your room."
    "No its not, if the whole floor smells what makes you think its my room?"
    "well we're calling CU PD."
    "Go ahead I dont give a fuck."

    So the cops come, normall cop bullshit, they ask to search, I said ok. They look through all my shit, while I sit there and give them a long spiel about them ass fucking my rights, but I remain respectful and not an ass, as they did. They finally go, finding nothing. BUT the RA still writes me up, meaning I have to talk to a hall director and risk getting kicked out of my dorm.


    Im sitting in my room, not 30 mins after the cops leave, and theres another knock on my door. This time it the pussy security guards, no guns, no balls, ect. I answer to:

    "Your room smells like weed."
    "Ya, no fucking shit, the cops just left. Ive got classwork to do, i need to go."
    "Hold on, mind if I look around you room?"

    Now these little fucker wanna-be cops both have an attitude.

    "Dude the cops just left, like 30 mins ago. Your not doing shit I already got written up and everything."
    "okay, well if you willnt let me search im writing you up."
    "You cant write me up twice for the samething, thats fucking crazy."
    "watch me."

    I lost it then. I started going off on this mother fucker.

    " I havent done anything wrong. They just searched my stuff and didnt find ANYTHING. Is it illegal to smell like weed? Fuck no its not. The whole floor reeks, go tear up everyone elses shit looking for it. ive had my room and my rights violated twice tonight. This is harrastment... my dads a lawyer, your gonna hear from him. Imma get these violations nulled too so your wasting your time."

    They handed me the copy of the violation, which I torn up right in front of them and said, " I'm not taking this shit laying down like everyone else, give me both your cards, I need your information to give to my lawyer."

    Im confident I can get them nulled. They didnt find anything, and my lawyer / father will never let them kick me out ofthe dorm for a smell. But I still have to have meetings and surely a ton of bullshit

    15 mins later i rolled a fat blunt and took a walk to smoke it, show'd em whos boss.

    These little fuckers are trying to get me kicked out of the hall. IVE NEVER EVEN smoked in the room. There doing all this bullshit when WEED IS DECRIMINALIZED IN CO.

    Even if i did get caught its a $100 fine. ALL THIS FOR A POSSIBLE $100 TICKET??


    Am I wrong or is this total BULLSHIT
  2. Simply put.... You should have just killed him.

    But yes, that's bullshit. What an arrogant asshole. Remember though, eventually karma will kick in and set that dude straight.
  3. yea dude, thats some strait up. 100% BULL- SHIT i think you need to sue the fuckin hell outa them.
  4. That is such bullshit bro
    Good luck fighting it
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    that would piss me off but technically you are wrong.

    you live on their property they can search you anytime they feel warranted to. They are your landlords pretty much.

    word.. shitty cops ignoring a safe.
  6. The bitches that told on you were probably pissed that their your shit was way more dank then their butthold weed.
  7. all i gotta say is try and find another spot to put your weed till all this shit blows over...and they never asked to see inside your safe? hmm dumb ass cops when are they not though?
  8. I think this is 100% accurate. Its gonna be some asshole on my floor.

    ya they asked when searching, I told them I had "extremely personal and religious items in the safe that I wasnt comfortable with anyone seeing." They were sketched and asked again. So I was like get a search warrant or GTFO. They were sketched for sure tho
  9. Lol at 2nd tag.

    Damn OP, you're scaring me. I live in res too and if it smells like weed, it will be because of me. I think I might keep taking it outside.

    Good luck man, get your lawyer of a father to FUCK SHIT UP! WOO!
  10. move off campus, rent an a apartment with a few friends... i couldnt imagine my buzz being killed like that.. living in the dorms is sketchy and quite a buzzkill
  11. i would def. think that you could win in court, shit assuming all the rooms on your floor have connected vent pipes, just use that as an excuse.

    Am i right that the smell of weed is reasonable suspicion ?? If the smell persisted and seemed to be coming from your room, im suprised the cops didnt have a k9 unit do a walk through(or course 90% of your floor would have probably set the dogs off.)
  12. LoLwUt? @fuck me naked!!!
  13. fuck me raw, its a post 911 world, you might of been a potential terror suspect, just come back blazed every night but hide the weed, that will show them, whatever happened to the 4th and 5th amendment!
  14. 2 buddies + apartment = win.

    Just remember, within 1000 feet of a school weed is a felony, despite decrim. laws (at least in Oregon). Be sure to look up the laws, though.
  15. You could have probably gotten away with the RA's if you tried to comply with them and give a bullshit excuse as to why your room smells like weed but doesn't have weed in it.

    Same thing happened to my friend and he told the RA's that he just got done smoking a blunt with me outside and came back smelling like dank but he finished what he had on that blunt so there was no weed in his room and the RA's bought it and never wrote him up. Meanwhile an unrolled blunt was getting dryer by the second under his bed :D
  16. ya I wanna move off campus, but freshmen are REQUIRED to live on campus for 1 year. Next year ill be hella in an apartment, fucking bitches and smoking bongs all day.
  17. + Rep that takes skillz. Enjoy!
  18. nice dude u show those fuckers u didnt do anything wrong u should fuck with those dickhead RAs tho

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