Two different leaf issues. Can you identify and advise?

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    Novice grower (only second time growing and first time from seed) and I have two different leaf issues.
    Plants are in the 14th week and I just started 12/12 a couple of nights ago. Had to move the plants into another room as they got much larger than what I expected. This is when I noticed these bright speckles on three fan leaves coming from about the same node/time of growth area. The second photo is a browning but on different leaves but the same plant. Can anyone advise. I sprayed with Neem prior to flowering and soaked these these two areas really well. The temp is constant between 75-77 degrees and humidity is around 50%. Used Great White twice and now using Beasty Bloomz for flowering. PH is just around 6.5
    Any assistance is much appreciated.

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  2. Calcium deficiency
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    So Gypsum?
  4. do u soak them with lights on? could it be burn ?
  5. also what medium as it could be ph if your in soil
  6. Soil, Ph is about 6.5.
  7. I only misted water on them when they got a little hot one time when I forgot to turn on the fan, but that was only for a half hour or so. The lights are not that close to them, about 20" inches above them. Or were at the time, like I said, I had to move them to a new room with a higher ceiling, they are over 5' now. How much taller are they going to get? I've only got 10' ceilings!
  8. im certain you had 6.0ph about 30mins ago? and i dont think its calcium as its brown speckles that cover the leaf. i think ph issues or burn from spraying with neem.oil with lights on
  9. leave it till the next node .. see if that comes through problem free.. is the fan hitting that area of leaf? or intake blowimg onto it?
  10. Thanks, yeah, I went in and rechecked the ph. It is 6.5. - Thank you for your help. I really appreciate it.

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