Two days into flowering

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by gumby, Nov 22, 2002.

  1. I took two planets and told them to flower.12/12
    They are placed in a cooler enviroment with no light for 12 hours. Seems the leafs are getting a bit drier and are a little rough to the touch. Are they going into shock?
    I made sure they are watered properly and are getting diffused light ratehr then full hit of HPS.
  2. why did you move them? and why the diffused light? no need for either, they will be ok.

  3. I was afraid of shock between total dark and full light.

    And what I mean by diffused light is a bit away from the hps. like 4 feet. It will be getting plenty of light just not the blast it was getting while I had it vegging.

    I have no way of turning off the lights so I have to move it to another room so I can put it in the dark.
  4. 4 feet away is just fine, but the moving? be very careful that could shock the plant, and as the buds appear you don't want to be brushing them against anything!

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