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two day notice

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Levitatum, Feb 10, 2014.

  1. well I had a interview for a new job and found out I have to pee in cup two days from now, dammit, any advice or am I screwed?

  2. Screwed like a pooch imo.
    Sorry, dude.
  3. damn that sucks, well if you can flush your system with some sort of detox thing maybe otherwise screwed. This all depends on when you last smoked and how often you were prior
  4. Only way to pass is some fake/synthetic piss. And you will have to keep it warm.
  5. They used to sell shit that would clean your system in like a day or a few happened to that?
  6. I'm not sure why anyone applies for jobs before they get clean. You've been smoking the whole time?

    If your a daily smoker you're most likely screwed.

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  7. get a "clean stream" system, there like $25, ive used it 3 times and passed every time
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    A friend of mine used to have someone who didn't smoke at all piss into a baggie. He'd keep that baggie of liquid gold against his body to keep it warm until it was time, then pour it into the cup they gave him. Kinda gross, but he passed every time. (It was a court-ordered drug test).
    You don't need any of those "detox" things if you decide to go that route -- just drink a lot of water. It works the same way.
    Two days is a VERY short time for you to expect THC to leave your system under any circumstances, though. Can you tell them you'll be out of town and postpone it a week?
  9. If you can't figure out how to cheat it then your best bet will be to flood your system with water the day of the test. Drink so much water that your pee comes out clear and hope for the best.
  10. Well damn you should have cleaned up before applying, dumbass.
  11. I had worked for this company a few years earlier in a different division, they didn't DT  at that time, so I took it for granted they still didn't, I haven't been smoking everyday, about three times over the past month.
  12. A

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    Pee and eat a lot of fast foods reason why you have to eat a lot is because when you take a shit some thc will pass through there. Im on probation and I have to take drug test (I only have to take two more to get off) and what I do is I put someone else's pee in this eye drop bottles called "Clear eyes" and I just dump it in there, but they don't check the temperature IDK why but they just dont and thats how I pass.
    Another thing I did before finding out they didnt check the temperature is that I drank 2 gallons of water before I took the test and I actually passed,but this is risky though because they might ask "why is your piss so clear?" or they might say this is just water. The reason why the water works is because it temporarily hides your thc pee this is all personal experience by the way.
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    Drink water, but also juice, sports drinks, chicken soup, etc. Too much water can remove too many electrolytes and cause your brain to go wonky and can even give you a heart attack! :eek:  In its lesser form, it is called "water intoxication". A few people die from it every year. Drinking soup, juices and sports drinks will help replace the electrolytes you are pissing away.
    Ask Old Hippie: Will Cranberry Juice Help You Pass A Drug Test?      (article – 2011)
    Next head to the bathroom and check your daily vitamins! How much zinc are you getting?
    Zinc Reduces the Detection of Cocaine, Methamphetamine, and THC by ELISA Urine Testing.       (abst – 2011)        We need 8 to 11 mg of zinc daily; over 40 mg/day can cause zinc poisoning.
    Elevated urine zinc concentration reduces the detection of methamphetamine, cocaine, THC and opiates in urine by EMIT.         (abst – 2013),_cocaine,_THC_and_opiates_in_urine_by_EMIT.
    A single "B" vitamin, multi-vitamin or "Stress tab" will "color up" your diluted urine. More will turn you urine a BRIGHT yellow, and tip off the tester. If he mentions it being rather bright yellow, just say you were nervous and had a "stress tab" last night to help you keep calmer today. :ey:
    Do NOT diet or exercise at all!
    Reintoxication: the release of fat-stored Delta-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) into blood is enhanced by food deprivation or ACTH exposure.          (full - 2009)
    Drug Testing Gets Harder: Exercise Causes THC Levels To Spike     (news – 2013)
    If you fail, this may buy you another day or two to get clean!
    Unexpected interference of baby wash products with a cannabinoid (THC) immunoassay.
                (abst – 2012)
    Strange Reason for Baby's Positive Pot Test Found         (news – 2012)
    Hope that helps!
  15. Just have your good friend pee in a jar with a kid, bring it with you, and when you go to pee in the cup, just use your friends pee. My girlfriend lets me use hers all the time. You're in the clear
  16. You better start looking for a new job......

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    just buy some synthetic urine make sure its for your gender though as they can test for that through hormones
  18. Sorry OP, i smell humble pie.

    If you CAN get clean,granny stormcrow will get ya there, but you gotta be careful not to drink til ya die.

    For real.

    There are over the counter shits you can buy. Search the forums, grab a bottle of water first.

  19. Quickfix synthetic urine

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  20. synthetic piss. 

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