Two charged with murder during British Riots.

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  1. Police charge 2 with murder in hit-and-run deaths during British riots -
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    O shit, forgot about that revolution shit going on in Egypt.
  3. I have to be honest ^ that did make me lol...the orginal post is sad to see how out of hand shit is getting over there.
  4. I have the case set to be recorded today. Wonder how this is all gonna turn out. :confused_2:
  5. Hell, those looters are lucky firearms are restricted in london. Be a buncha dead lootin mothafuckahs here in the states. Post up with a shotgun and see who's "brave" enough to try to loot my shit.
  6. I watched the case, they're both going to prison for 25 to life.
  7. Yeh but over here 25 to life means 15 at most if you behave (take it like a bitch) in jail.
  8. I hope they get what the deserve.

    I lol'd at the Egyptian photo as well hahaha over here as bad as the revolution is, people here still make jokes, song,clips all sorts of shit, the sense of humor has helped a lot get over this tragedy.
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    Reasons why assault rifles need to be legal.

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