Two Bongs, One Choice

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  2. delph but i would just invest in a good ol pipe myself and spend the rest on bud, lol. 
  3. neither of those. for 400 you can get a whole hell of a lot better tube than a plain jane overpriced straight tube..
  4. Yeah but I hear Roor and illy is worth it
    Do you have an alternative choice for me?
  5. they aren't worth that at all. it's just a basic straight tube, no percs, no nothing. definitely not worth 400 bones.

    i just looked at the stemless section on that site, and i'd go for a liquid sci piece.
    looks sweeter, has percs, no removable downstem to break or deal with, just as good as a company as roor or illadelph
  6. I would go for the top one.
  7. I concur, you pay for the brand name. It's a load of shit, go drop $300 on a triple perc nameless and spend the rest on weed
  8. Is that a great company?
    I just hear that illy and Roor are worth it cuz the glass is beter than perks
  9. liquid sci is actually a branch off the american roor company. it's just as nice as roor and illadelph. i used to have a little liquid sci bubbler when they first came out and it was pretty damn nice.

    personally i'd never pay more than like 200 on a plain straight shot tube like those two you posted. you can get a much nicer piece, that'll deliver a way better hit, for the same price as those and even cheaper.

    as i recommend to everyone, go buy a Stone Glass Works waffle, they're amazing percs, pretty cheap, damn good glass and craftsmanship, and made by an awesome guy. you can get a straight tube waffle for like 300, and you will not be unimpressed by how it hits
  10. I kinda want a strait tube.
    Are there any brands just as good as roor and illy but cheaper?
  11. These hit just as nice as Illys?
  12. between me and my friend, we have five different variations of the waffle perc like the one i posted, and every one of them is an amazing hit. like someone said up there, when it comes to roor or illadelph, you're paying more for the name than anything..
  13. I'm gonna trust you my frient. I hope I'm not dissapointed. You will hear back from me when it arives.
  14. frient? we have a fellow ent here eh? haha awesome. trust me man, you will not be disappointed. waffle percs are damn good percs, and it will hit a lot smoother than a basic removable downstem like those others
  15. 120$ nice in thick then spend 280$ on bud it smokes great

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  16. i just did the other one cause you said you wanted a straight tube haha. the v2's are really nice too, the restricted neck like that will give you way better flavor for sure. but if you were wanting a bigger piece i'd opt away from it, they're pretty small. my friend ordered the v2 a while back and we were surprised how small it was, not that that's a bad thing at all. just from the pictures it looked bigger than it actually was. i personally prefer smaller pieces and that was a perfect size for a daily driver, and it's nice for bud and hash oils if you use those
  17. Although the thickness is only 4mm on these stone works. I feel like thats bad. On the othhers arent I paying for thickness?
  18. i've never worried about the thickness of em, they all feel super sturdy to me. i'm not rough with any of my glass though, if you feel you are clumsy and might clank it on something hard then you might look at something a bit thicker. but i've never had any issues with any of my waffles. good quality glass like that even being 4mm, will be stronger than shittily made glass that's 6-7mm thick

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