Two Autos Yell-O-Wing

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  1. Well this is my super auto hash and auto blimburn ak and i want to know whats wrong with them. there week 6 yes there kind of small but there in a sleath spot. Anyway any input would be nice 


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  2. The second picture looks like the plant is fried from too much nutes. Maybe if you flush it fast it will be ok. 
    The first picture looks like it needs water and who know what else. I can't see the top and thats were the burn starts. It's probably burnt also. Leaf curl and taco'ing is a sign of nute burn
    You could have multiple problems since they look so bad.
    Flush them good and don't add so much nutes, and don't over water
  3. how can i not over water if im flushing
  4. You have to flush Quick or they may die. I just made the over water suggestion for the future.
  5.  Here you go again, he says flush, can't believe you Jackson55 troublemaker, thou insidious and assinine one, why not tell him to check the ph run-off while he's at it and we'll tell him what the issue is, aye?
    Yea, tell us Jackson55, shoud he check his run-off ph while he's at it, how long do you think that would take, c'mon Jackson55, tell us? Reckon he might want to know so he might gain knowledge himself?
  7. thanks guys as this is my first grow 
  8. the ph is fine right now 
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    This is a joke. This is such an obvious case of nut burn and you don't mention one thing about PPM just ph.  He has nute burn so you need to flush all the nuts out with plenty of water. I've never heard of people wasting there time measuring the exact amount of ph in the run off water. 
    You care more about what comes out then what goes in.
  10. Yes, your a joke, that's what I've said all along, you keep telling folks to flush, same as you accused me. You think flushing solves all and reveals all, only reveals your herpes of the mind.
  11.  I didn't know that I had opted to take his issue, I'm simply bird-dogging you the way you have me.
  12. No I only recommend flushing when there is nute burn and he obviously has it. It's a PPM problem not PH. 
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     It's both, (to much nutes equal skewed ph) so there you have it, your wrong, your always wrong.

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