two 600ws in 55x55x7 tent?

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  1. Just switchin over to a grow tent.  I have been vegging in a 4x4tent and just growing in an open room in my basement.  Not I am moving into a 55x55" tent 7'tall.  I would like to use both my 600w hps lights but have read that both are to much for a 4x4tent.  Any opinion from other tent growers on if this would be too much light or whatever potential problems I may have.

  2. Your plants would love you. If you can keep the temps in control this is a fantastic idea.
  3. With the right hood, say the hydrofarm growzilla. 2 600s could rock a 4 x 4.
  4. I was going to use two hoods but will have to look into the growzilla now that I am aware of it.
  5. had a hard time findingthe growzilla.  The raptor looks even nicer.  Bigger anyway.  I may go that route.
  6. It could be hard to cover a square tent evenly with 2 lights, how are you going to place them without leaving dark corners? If you've the space 3'x6' would give you far better coverage with 2 600w's.
  7. Not a bad idea. I just know I am moving into a tent. Size is not an issue. I just want to use the two lights I already have. That is my only restriction. I usually just grow three or four plants in 20 gallon containers but probably will grow les in bigger pots and more small ones since I can.
  8. Maybe I should go 4x6?
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    I'm not sure if the raptor would fit the previous mentioned space with duct. If you are considering a larger tent 2 600s would work great in a 4 x 8 with two standard hoods.
  10. This would allow for environmental control options insid.e the tent if needed

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