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two 1/2 oz Kush pick-ups & unexpected suprise

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by FuckingClassy, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. Whats up everyone! Over the past couple days i picked up a couple diff 1/2 oz's. First one was supposedly called "killer cali kush". I don't care if the name's legit lol, this bud is so damn stinky! Second bud is supposedly called "Cherry Kush". Smells fresh, with a hint of cherry - not a strong smell at all really, very pleasant smelling.

    The suprise: I get a text from my friend that's coming over and all it says is "I hope you guys are hungry"....he ends up walking in our place with a bag of 35+ Quizno's subs and sammies!!! My jaw dropped. I wasn't even hungry before they came in but we were blazin fora good 30 minutes out of the Fathead before they showed up. And i couldn't resist. Turkey & swiss, ham & swiss, traditional, mequite whatever, EVERYTHING! They catered some thing, and that's why they had so much.

    once again, i can't seem to get perfectly in-focus macro's. They always look good on the camera at first :p

    on to the pictures. First 2 is the "killer cali"



    "cherry kush" this 1/2 oz disappeared fast, this is pretty much all i have left lol




    the bag of goodies


    and a nice snapper of some other bud i got out of Cali



    blaze on GC :smoke:
  2. WOW man thats awesome. The buds look dank as hellll, and the quiznoes, well, quiznoes is the SHIT!!!
  3. haha that sounds awesome getting all of those free sandwiches.

    nice bud too:p
  4. Lookin awesome. Does your dealer work at quiznos?
  5. wow nice buds and sandwiches lol
  6. Nice buds man! Looks like there's some fertilizer still on that nug in those last couple pics. (white dot)

    Enjoy though man :smoke:
  7. #7 FuckingClassy, Feb 18, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 18, 2009
    thanks guys :wave: definately enjoying both the bud and the sandwiches

    not all the sandwiches stayed with us. A friend of mine was over & he took about 14 of em home, and my friends who brought em over took about 10 back with them, but we still got like 10-15 free sandwiches :D

    kansas, no my guy doesn't work at quiznos :p that would've been convenient though lol

    yeah i saw that in the picture. Idk what it is, but i haven't smoked that nug yet lol, so i'll make sure to get that out beforehand!

    thanks bro :)
  8. Bravo sir, bravo!
  9. looks great i love kush
  10. damn sounds like things are going pretty damn well for you. Great pickups!
  11. That bud looks hella DAnk. Its covered in hair and crystas.


    HAPPY TOKIN:smoke:

  12. why thank you :D

    me too man, seems to be a lot of it goin around right now

    indeed they are :) i couldn't be happier. And not even with just the bud, but my life in general!

    thanks bro! Come on over and show me how to roll a dutch :smoke:
  13. No problem bro, thanks for sharing pics with us :smoke::smoke: Enjoy the herb man. :)
  14. dude killer looking budz!!! i dig that pipe too:D
  15. I think the big bag of sandwiches intrigue me far more than the bud!
    Not that the weed isn't great of course, haha
  16. thanks bro :) that's actually the slide to my Fathead tube :smoke: i love that thing

    lol it was hilarious when he walked in. I was expecting maybe a sandwich for me & my girl but 35+????? Blew my fucking mind lol
  17. That shot of the bowl has me salivating.
  18. My friend just picked up some cherry Kush and made some hash from the kief. Now you got me all excited to smoke it.
  19. lol thats what its there for :smoke:

    hell yeah! last night i started making some QWISO hash from about 4 grams of Cherry Kush and some of that other stuff pictured and about 5 grams of stems

    can't wait to see the outcome!
  20. That's fuckin awesome dude.

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