Twizzler Twerps.

Discussion in 'General' started by That_1_guy, Jun 9, 2006.

  1. I know this is kinda weird, but I want everyone to know about a new candy. They are called Twizzler Twerps and they are awesome! They are Twizzlers cut into little pieces and filled with something kind of like Starburst. You gotta try em....
    That is all.
  2. Yea i tried them, there alright but nothing amazing.
  3. Anyone here ever eat cowtails
  4. Nah, I can't say that I have heard of it. What exactly is it? I hope its not a real cow tail lol.
  5. Not real, it's some carmel thing. Pretty good
  6. Yeah i've seen cowtails, but the name was never appetizing. Like one end would be furry and the other would have dingleberries on it.
  7. this is a great thread
    cowtails is delicious. their like 10 fuckin cents.
    you know that means you gotta eat 10
  8. yes the name may not sound appetizing but i assure u that they are the most delicious candy confection god has ever made
  9. man i grew up on cowtails and cheerwine.

    :edit: shit,forgot i posted earlier or some shit. im real high
  10. Where the hell do you buy them? Like a candy store?...

    Since were on the topic of different foods, who thinks cap'n crunch berries are badass?
  11. Oh damn, I just rememberd, there is this thing at DQ that is freakin awesome. It's called like banana cream pie blizzard or something like that. Have any of you tried it before?
  12. Hell yes i have.
    You get them at gas stations and shit.
    I work at a petstore and we sell real cow tails.
    their called texas pointers.
  13. I'm gonna have to try em than....How about ramen noodles? I have heard they are badass, but I've never acctualy had them when I was high. Thats probably gonna be the next thing I try since I have about 20 beef flavored ones at my house lol.
  14. Oh man, Twizzlers, the shittiest candy on earth.
  15. Damn, do you comment negitivly on every thing you see? :confused_2:
  16. If my thoughts are negative about the topic, sure why not?

    Last time I checked this was a public forum and freedom of speech was still in the constitution.

    I hate how everyone just agrees with and trys to play friendly with each other here, we need some debating to make things interesting.

    And I will do just that!
  17. The feedom of speech card is played to much, and plus you signed an agreement which pretty much voids that right to some extent...And I don't know about this site, but trolling on most other sites will get you banned.
  18. If that so happens, I just might cry.

    And I'm sure they don't want that on their conscience.
  19. Whatever, do what you want.
  20. Yes Sir, but thank you for warning me.

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