Twitter shows how fucked girls are in the head

Discussion in 'General' started by Dank Herb, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. It's a trip how some girls put all their emotions on twitter. Like, fuck. Don't believe me? Follow any girl and it's just comedy.
    What do you blades think?
  2. Guys on Twitter are just as bad. Twitter in general is a cesspool of human waste.
  3. Hahh all the ignorant ass ones post everything.
    I just observe with my account hahaha

  4. Ignorant ass women AND men.
  5. I only have a twitter account in order to follow music producers I like and get updates on their new songs and upcoming shows. I know of these people you're talking about though. It's fucking pathetic how many people, both men and women, devote 90% of their day to taking pics of themselves and everything in their daily life just to post it on twitter and instagram and get more followers. It's just stupid as all hell. I think the ones that make me the sickest are the people that post nudes just to get more followers. Seriously, how fucking deprived of attention are these people?
  6. Hug your daughters

  7. there are noodz on instagram?
  8. I'm gonna need pics for my research.

    GL, HF :wave:

    Fuck if I know. There is definitely noodz on tumblr though.
  10. Theres nudes on both twitter and instagram
  11. ya,haha I'm a sophomore in college and I saw my good friends sister and one of her friends(juniors in high school) post themselves drunk while one of them licks the others nipple on TWITTER. Like, wtf is that. Some hoe shit.

  12. @wickedjoker
  13. Don't post shit if you don't want people looking at you like "wtf???" the next day. Then again the internet wouldn't be what it is today if we didn't have the lovely people do things like that.
    I had a facebook since I was 13. These past few months before I deleted it I just watched the drama. It gets entertaining as long as you enjoy it from a distance you know? Same with twitter and tumblr.
    Some bitches are crazy though.
  14. Top 10 Famous Twitter Tweets

    1.I took a shit
    2.I took a shit standing
    3.I'm eating food
    4.I just saw my friend
    5.If Justin Bieber smokes pot I will cut myself again..
    6.I hate my life,its boring..
    7.I'm wearing clothes
    8.I hate people that tweet
    9.Suck my dick
    10.Twitter sucks, all ppl do is talk about there boring day

    Voted by Twitter Fans themselves (or possibly made up by MilkyLumpkinz of gc) :|

    its not really just a chick thing though bro, anyone who uses twitter really is making ridiculousness
  15. Nope. It's against the rules
  16. Twitter....heh
  17. I've found Twitter is only useful for promoting music or getting in contact with artists. Other than that, it's right up there with YouTube and 4Chan as the cesspool of commentary.

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