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  1. Just made myself a twitter because someone told me to do what the fuck am I supposed to be tweeting about?

    It's like this: screw new shit like twitter; GC is always the #1 home.
  2. yea man fuck that shit
  3. All social media generally sucks ass other than forums.
  4. I have it on my phone but I never tweet. Sometimes I check it for news updates but that's it. Like when there's a tsunami going towards Hawaii, you can see all of the people tweeting in hawaii so you're getting the best updates. That's the only thing in use Twitter for. I think it's pretty fucking gay myself.

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  5. this pretty much. i have more fun talking to people on grasscity than i do on facebook. i don't know if i should be sad about that or not lol. :p
  6. It's weird talking to people you personally know online!
  7. Jew Fact: It was originally made for businesses to be able to send out information without having to send an email to the whole company.
  8. Twittah is laaaaaame. Worst of all the social platforms if you ask me.

  9. yep. i truly HATE facebook, and i think twitter is even worse...:mad:
  10. I enjoy Twitter


  11. Why hate a platform for communication? I think you guys should hate the annoying people insteadd.

    Twitters really useful for getting info in real time or keeping up with comics, musicians, politics etc.

    People that "hate" social media never really give reasons as to why. Maybe its hipster cred? The site itself has zero content, you pick and choose exactly which user contributions you want to view. And if you get all the info you want from other sources and dont need twitter then dont use it?

    How does an inanimate, intangible website with zero original content, that you dont need to use or even look at, make you literally feel ANGRY? Why live like that

  12. I had to make one for class too AND a FB account :(

    but tweet whatever you're doing at that moment like "I'm taking a nice poop right now" or tweet your sig ahaha
  13. Don't be a twitter twatter

    That site is just like one giant news feed with shit I don't give a fuck about.
  14. I don't see the point. If I need to get ahold of someone or see what they've been up to, I just go on Facebook.

    The worst are the celebrity newsfeeds. No, as a matter of fact, I don't care where Kim Kardashian is going for lunch today.

  15. Then dont follow her..? I feel like people who say things like this have never even used twitter. You only get the info you choose. I have a politics feed, comics feed, news, etc. If you get all your info elsewhere great but dont act like twitter forces any unwanted information on its users. Instead of going to multiple news sites I like to get all my info from one medium. It's useful to many and if you fail to see the point of it oh well.
  16. some poeple are just suckers to whatevers new? the people who don't like it don't generally because they don't care to see people they know and celebrities bitch and talk about useless shit. it's just a simplified facebook, which is equally annoying and not fun to me, everyone gets so butthurt about everything and just talk about dumb shit on those stupid sites i can think of 40957 better ways to waste my day, without being aware of what a bunch of attention craving people are writing about to feel important
  17. where my twiggas at
  18. Twitter>Facebook

    I cant explain why I think it is, but after using both I feel that twitter is superior
  19. Just deleted my twitter. Sucks up too much time.
  20. Yea, I agree, I think twitter is a lot cooler and more people use it over facebook now.

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