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Twitching when your high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by oherroprease, Jan 1, 2012.

  1. Whenever I get high I always start like twitching, does this happen to anyone else?
  2. My be something specific to how your body reacts with weed. Personally it sounds like when your high you may have a slight twitch here and there and the weed is making you focus on it a little to much. Just take a breather and try to relax a little :smoke:
  3. Haha yeah i sometimes twitch when im toasted. I think its just you noticing it more like the post above said. When I ask my friends if they notice my twitching they never do so it must be very subtle
  4. I thought i was the only one lol, i twitch like crazy when i'm high. I have really stiff muscles though, i always thought it was my muscles trying to relax.
  5. are you smoking a sativa strain? that could be why, you sound like you'd be better off with some indica
  6. I used to feel like I was twitching when I first started smoking. I don't get that sensation anymore though.
  7. Sometimes my eyeball quivers.
  8. Oh hehe ,I get this when my anxieties through the roof, lets say I just smoked a joint on the drive to the club , once I step out when im fresh trying to remeber if I got my head on straight hehe :smoke:
  9. Sometimes I have a like, mind cascade.
  10. I get this when I get really high.
  11. I get that a lot too and very frequently. I think that when I get cold, even just a little bit colder, I focus on it and start twitching thinking it's happening because of the reflex to temperature fluctuation. I usually wear something more snug and it stops almost instantly. Also remember to keep your feet and hands warm this time of the year.
  12. Sometimes, like my leg might spas out lol not sure what causes it, it mainly happens when im with company or in public waiting for a train or something, maybe its feeling under pressure/slight paranoia? trying to not attract attention too hard lol its not a big deal though, i dont get it that often, just the odd arm or leg movement randomly lol
  13. My eyelids start spazzing from time to time.
  14. Only if I'm falling asleep while high, I have an occasional little twitch. Nothing life threatening.
  15. You can fix it by taking the head of your penis between your thumb and forefinger, and applying rotating pressure.

  16. I get those kinds of spasms as well lol

    @RandomThoughts - ??
  17. I would be sitting on the couch and my legs will twitch to the music im listening to. It gets worse the more I think about or try to stop it. But when i try putting my hand on my lap it stays still but at the same time my legs feel like they are twitching. GRASS.
  18. One time...i took a hit but from the nose...and i was twitching a bit everyonce and awhile.. ahah.. not really a twitch but like when you got a shiver down ur spine or some shit like that
  19. You, my friend, are allergic to weed. :(
  20. I will twitch myself awake if I am passing out with the lights on or without brushing/flossing it's great, yet scary at the same time.

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