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Twitching and Anxiety when smoking?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by smileyman978, Oct 24, 2014.

  1. So, im a pretty new smoker, iv smoked probably like 6-7 times. And everytime I do, I get twitches, in my leg, and my neck sometimes. There not huge twitches just, but it makes my legs jolt a certain way, and it only happens usually when im sitting still. I also get kind of scared, (its prolly the twitches) but i get slighty scared, like i always get worried that ill like die or something. I have anxiety all the time even without smoking so the weed could have an effect on it.

    With the twitching.. Is this normal? Should I be worried? Sorry I know I am new and if there has been a topic about this I apologize, i plan to stay with the forums though :)
  2. Never heard of it, but since you're new paranoid is fairly normal. A lot of new smokers get pparanoid

    Bird + Weed + Papers = Good time
  3. When I started smoking and I would get too high I would have weird body pressures and sometimes twitching, I would say just ignore it
  4. Same happened to me. Granted I have adhd pretty bad, it ended up going away though, the twitching eventually went away though. I don't think paranoia ever really will though, because I always seem to end up getting higher than I'm used to, so I dont think that will go away.

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  5. You're just over thinking it man, it will go away once your tolerance builds up a bit. 
  6. The infamous leg twitches! I feel your pain, amigo. Used to get it all the time and I still do on random occasions. It will get better over time, I promise.
    However the paranoia is something you must combat by yourself -- no one can really get rid of it for you. It's all in the state of mind -- just relax.  :smoke:
  7. Thanks man, glad to see others are feeling the same.
  8. You need CBD concentrate
  9. nigga no worries :)
  10. i have tourettes, weed makes it 10,000X worse
  11. This happens when I'm incredibly high but then I bump some music and just vibe. Know your limits OP

    Stay Positive, Stay Based..
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    Probably something that will level out with tolerance and just getting used to the herb.
  13. I used to get this every time I smoked. I at first freaked out about the twitches then That made me panic. It just ends up going away, trust me :) when I realised what was happening to me I just enjoyed the feeling of the twitching and just thought to myself that my body wasn't like this when I hadn't smoked so it's just the weed. I hope you get over it and it doesn't stop you smoking, it nearly did for me and I'm glad I hadnt.
    Also does your heart beat raise?
  14. smoke less and this wont happen
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    I'm gonna tell you my opinion on the matter but remember it's just from my experiences and your experiences may be completely different but I've had twitches and paranoia before too. But anyway... It's most likely just because your new to blazing high amounts (if u blaze high amounts) your tolerance is always building higher and higher the more you smoke, which means u trip less an less per session until it eventually feels 'normal' to b high.. don't worry too much bro because the twitching should definetly lessen quickly when your body adapts to you intaking weed on a semi regular basis.

    The paranoia though, thats a whole different ball game, after years and years of heavy burning it never seems to lessen for me but your surroundings and enviroment strongly influence how paranoid you will feel each time.. example, chillin with your friends blazing up in a friendly enviroment around people you know an trust normally won't make you feel para and uneasy, but then walking home alone on a busy street afterwards while your still high is when you might feel paranoid as if your being followed, stared at, people walking towards you might make u feel like their planning to attack or rob you, cars pulling up to the side with the headlights on near you might make you feel like your being set up by someone or the driver on his phone reporting to someone your every move, and my personal WORST! cars not moving but lit up in the distance make you feel like your being spied on but remember, it really is just MIND GAMES and when the high wares off you just laugh about it
  16. Play around with smoking different amounts until you find a nice level where you can just chill.

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