Twisting leaves??

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  1. Man what gives? Y are my leaves twisting and bending? Temp 80 humid 40 oh 6.4 soil foxfarm ocean forest. Noticed fungas gnats but not many. Been spraying with pyrethin spray from hydro shop and using potatoes but haven't caught any larvae. Got ladybugs on her too. Please help TX

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  2. It could just be a mutation, but I don't know enough yet to diagnose. I've seen pine trees with spiral-shaped needles that were a result of a mutation though.
  3. [quote name='"supremegrowers"']bro the twisting is a CA deficiency but it could be caused by overwatering. Fungus gnats are another clue your drowning her. Let her roots breathe a bit. here is some more info if you like. Get some Myco on the roots and protect them from rot. 3 Causes of Twisting Leaves: Calcium, PH But Mostly Overwatering | | Supreme Growers Natural Gardening BlogSupreme Growers Natural Gardening Blog[/quote]

    Yes, myco is good and should be used.

    But Overwatering is a misnomer. In reality, what is going on is Under-oxygenation.

    DWC style of growing has plants roots basically submerged in nutrient rich water, but because of the air stone in the bottom, the roots thrive.
  4. Much appreciated guys

  5. get a moisture metre and then you can never water to early.

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