Twisting Leaves & Light Green Spots

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  1. So I have a two seedlings (Bruce Banner [BB] & Gorilla Glue [GG]) that are about 2 weeks old now, and both of them have been in the same exact conditions and environment, except one of them looks deformed (BB) and the other healthy (GG).

    You can view all the photos here: 116.57 MB folder on MEGA

    I am not sure if this is a case of genetics, a bug problem, or a deficiency. I sterilize all soil before I use or put into my grow space, and I have some traps (as seen in some photos) near the plants; I haven't caught a single bug.

    Anyone have thoughts on what the cause of this could be?
  2. Get rid of the clear cups and keep the roots from getting light.
    They don't like that.

    That's probably got nothing to do with what's going on with your plants,
    but it can't hurt. If needed, just wrap duct tape around the cups. to
    block out the light.
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  3. Put the cups in a red cup then you can pullit to view your roots and they will be safe from light.
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  4. Some genetics are just more fussy. We have an LA Kush Cake pheno that hits like a freight train, but even the tiniest pH change, or nutes change, and she gets twisty leaves.
    Noticing that she has small spots, like calcium deficiency starting. However, the dark green color of the leaves indicates she is full up on Nitrogen.
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  5. Time to transplant real soon. Looking good

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