Twisting/Curving leafs? Need some input

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  1. In need of some input! Trying to learn more about cultivation for work. This plant was about to be flipped to flower from veg. Everything has been going great until I noticed some leafs starting to droop. I still saw rapid growth. Then the twisting and Curving and then the yellowing. I water every 3 days 1 gallon. 5 gallon felt pot. I have trouble keeping humidity stable. 1 and a half months old. Gaia green veg top feed. Ocean forrest soil. Organic. Recently gave nutrients the gaia. Pics down below. Thank you.

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  2. Op more pics yellowing

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  3. Excellent link, thank you. enjoy the coffee.
  4. purple stems mean toxic usually do a runoff test for ppm and ph and see where you are at
  5. Entire plant pics help to see plant health.

    Dont go to flower until this issue is resolved.
  6. Purple stems are also genetics on some strains, I got some plants that will produce purple on stems.
    The last plant I had that did that I went ahead and flipped her and it turned out good. So if you want go ahead and flip it and it will start producing buds and you won't have to look at the twisted leaves in a month because you will be watching buds grow. Good luck.
  7. Look at the over watered section. Is that you . I cant see the plat well or soil if its heavy soaked
  8. Yeah, I was thinking over or under watered.
  9. twisting can be light avoidence and no big deal. But if your light is intense, your plant may need more nutes or it will go deficient and cause many other problems. Droopy leaves are usually a too much at one time watering problem. However, a gallon every 3 days in a 5 gallon is not very much. I believe your plant may benefit from 1 tsp cal mag/every gallon of liquid. Purple can be a sign it needs more magnesium and I have found calmag to be better for me that staright epsom to augment magnesium. Veg formulas are not designed for plants at your stage and usually have excess N and the calmag will also add N, so look around for a flower formula which should have increased K and P and less N. I use Jacks Finish to give you an idea. It is not organic.
  10. Not sure if this matters, but what do you mean by "for work"? Something aint jiving with me??? No disrespect. RE watering if I water all 6 plants the same, 1 will be too wet & another too dry the next day even tho genetics are identical (clones). I use 6 gal felt filled to 5 gal's & water 1/2 gal (as needed) every day or 2-3. :confused_2: SO FAR. As the plants grow (now wk 5 of flower) I expect to need more water. :Love-Plant:
  11. It's also important to have a inlet fan which helps dry soil in pot and good air flow on bottom of floor and have a good exit fan for smell and keeps fresh air moving. I use a 6 inch inlet fan on bottom and 8 inch exhaust fan.
    By reading what you posted my guess would be probably wet soil.
    I have used ocean forest soil before and it does seem to stay moist for a while so good air flow might help with your set up.
  12. Thanks for the input! My bad I left out the fact that I do actually have all this mentioned in the set up!
  13. I work for an MSO. Growing at home and growing for an MSO is very different. New to the industry so I wanted to grow myself to really learn more. You would be surprised as to how many cultivators in the industry have never grown their own plants.
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  14. Not surprised. I've seen what goes in their jars. You'll never smoke corporate cannabis again after you smoke your own home grown fire.

    Welcome to the City.
    Any of the Sticky threads are worth your time:
    Growing Organic Marijuana
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  15. A lot of solutions are being offered based on very little information.
    What type of light? Watts and Distance from the top of the plant
    What are the Humidity swings like if you aren't able to keep it stable?
    How long have you been giving it the Veg Fert??
    Ocean Forest can run a little hot and IMO it is best to mix it 50/50 with happy frog.
  16. under they will look lifeless. Hanging down. Just like how i look after i place a shit trade on oil . I got reamed today on a future

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