twisting curling leaves that are light green. plants are yellowing . help

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  1. leaves are twisting and mutated really tine and thin. light green and the growth has slowed to almost nothing. what could this be? plants are 5 days old in oceans forest soil. they are under to 600 hps 4 feet away from bulb

  2. my wife will be home from work in a little bit and I'll take a pic with her s6. I really want to run this strain but fear I might just have to go buy 27 clones. I hate buying clones when I can make 50 for 20 bucks
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    Pushing too hard, result ....standard nute burn ...A flush is due to my blog:

    at potup mix in 30% perlite to loosing the roots and prevent any further occurrences no nutes until potup is done

    see the chart for the best height in inches:

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  4. with luck your plants should recover in 7-14 days nutes thats vip,
    but you must face the fact that harvesting will be delayed as this is repaired ..good luck
  5. Fuck it Ima wait it out
  6. I threw them all away. the wells where I'm from dryed out so they switched our water source and the water is hard water. I have lock out. getting 27 gurilla glue #4 tomarow

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