Twisting curling and burnig of leaves

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  1. Dear friends i have attached photos of my plants which are facing some problem which i cant figure out

    The leaves are burnt , curling and twisting especially the new one.

    The bigger plant is jock horror and the other is white widow

    Both are autos

    The white widow started to flower at a very short height, and since last two weeks its not growing more in height nor bud thickness.

    I previously also had a jock, which started to flower, but after 4 weeks not gain in bud mass or nothing,

    Dont know where i am going wrong

    All plants are in coco and perlite
    I am using ff trio pack for ferts

    Between 4 plants i have 150w led flood lights 16 x 24w cfl blubs.

    Rh is around 70% on avg

    Also it been 7 weeks and not a single plant has stretched to a decent height.

    The 3rd pic is of jock which has started to flower but not buffing up

    Nutrients feeds are quite irregular and less from the mentioned schedules.

    I am feed nuts quite less like 1ml in 2 litre as the plants are burning up already

    Please advice IMG_20170802_223957.jpg IMG_20170802_223928.jpg IMG_20170801_211412.jpg
  2. Dafaq? Never seen that before.. Are the leaves crispy? And to answer the stretching question: Plants do not stretch as much under CFL as they do with HPS or LED.

    Also, do you have any bugs in your soil..?
  3. Next grow target is getting hps for sure
    In the soil? I dont think so i mean i cant see in the soil. Hiw shoukd i figure this? If i dig in ill damage the roots
    Yes the leaves that are affected are getting crispy.
    I used spinocide a few times for mites but i was told it doesn't harm the plant ..
  4. What's the air circulation like? Do you have a fan blowing on them?

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